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Dr. Michael Newton's Research
Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives

Dr. Michael Newton developed and pioneered the most advanced form of hypnotherapy techniques in spiritual regression. Dr Michael Newton has been a hypnotherapist for over 50 years and a Life Between Lives therapist for over 40 years. He is considered a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through the use of Spiritual Regression. He spiritually regressed over 7000 individuals. The most important findings were highlighted in his two best-selling books, Journey of Souls with spiritual regressions of 29 subjects, and Destiny of Souls with spiritual regressions of 67 subjects. In his third book "Life-Between-Lives," Dr. Michael Newton published a deep clinical hypnotic process, developed over many years, designed to reconnect you with your soul self, and your spiritual guiding beings and thereby awakening an understanding of your immortal identity. All of his subjects recalled their stunning past-life experiences and life between lives and articulately revealed the graphic and groundbreaking details. Amazingly all his subjects witnessed and revealed very similar or the exact same spiritual experiences and even used the same words to describe the spiritual events. This webpage not only sums up the Dr. Michael Newton's startling discoveries, but also answers clearly the following questions:
        Who Am I?

        What Was the Purpose of My Existence on the Planet Earth?
        Where Do I Come From?, Why Am I Here? & Where Am I Going to?
        How It Feels to Die?
        What is the Journey and Destiny of Soul Right After Death?
        How Your Life Will Be Reviewed by a Tribunal (Council of Wise Beings & Elders)?
Who are Soul Mates, Spiritual Guides, Council of Elders?
        How Souls Live in Small Groups/Clusters in the Spirit World?
        How Souls in the Spirit World Connect with and Comfort the Living?
        What Do We Do During Life-Between-Lives in the Spirit World?
        How Many Levels of Souls (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)?

        What is
The Higher Power (Divine Purple Light), Oneness or Creator?
        How Disturbed Souls Become Ghosts & Demons and Attack Innocent Humans?
        How & Why You Choose Certain Body to Reincarnate on the Planet Earth?
        And Many Other Graphic and Groundbreaking Details

In coming decades, if not in years from now, this kind of clinical research should be built and expanded until we have a detailed understanding of life on the higher dimensions. With Dr. Michael Newton's work and those of similar investigators, we are finally gaining an understanding of life in higher dimensions based on research and first-hand reports, rather than speculation and blind belief.

Biography of Dr. Michael Newton
Michael Duff Newton, PhD (75 years old in 2007, exact date of birth is unknown), holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, and is a California State-certified Master Hypnotherapist, a member of the American Counseling Association and founder of The Newton Institute (TNI). He has been on the faculty of higher educational institutions as a teacher while active in private practice in Los Angeles. In addition, Dr. Newton has been a corporate consultant and worked as a behavioral counselor and group therapy director for community mental health centers and spiritual renewal organizations in cooperation with hospital and social service agencies. He has been a hypnotherapist for over 45 years and a LBL therapist for over 30 years. He is considered a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through the use of Spiritual Regression. He devoted his private hypnotherapy practice to behavior modification and helping people access their higher spiritual selves. Through the development of his own age-regression technique, Dr. Newton discovered that it is possible to take his clients beyond their past-life experiences to uncover a more meaningful life—that is the soul existence in the spirit world between lives. He has taught and certified over 100 practicing Hypnotherapists the Life-Between-Lives training course around the world. Three of his best selling books “Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Life between Lives” have been translated into over 25 languages:

Dr. Newton has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and is an active speaker on the lecture circuit explaining his discoveries and beliefs about our immortal life in the spirit world. You can see him speaking on YouTube. Click on the link below:

As of November 2003, Dr. Newton has officially retired from active clinical practice of seeing clients. He no longer teaches the entire coursework personally. However he still works part time, lecturing and training. Dr. Michael Newton is an author, a historian, amateur astronomer and world traveler. Dr. Newton and his wife, Peggy, now reside in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Range (In Spanish, it means Snowy Range) of northern California—the highest mountain peak in the United States outside Alaska.

  In 1998 Dr. Newton received the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH) annual award of "Most Unique Contribution by a Hypnotherapist in Bridging Mind, Body and Spirit."  He was also honored for his years of clinical soul memory research and discoveries into the cosmology of the afterlife.   
    In 2001 he was a winner of the annual Independent Publishers Association Book Award, at the Annual Book Exposition for his 2nd book “Destiny of Souls.”

Dr. Michael Newton’s Best-Selling Books
1. Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (1994),
Examined 29 subjects under special clinical hypnosis techniques]
2. Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000) and
Examined 67 subjects under special clinical hypnosis techniques]
3. Life Between Lives, published by Llewellyn (2004).
A Step-by-Step Guide Written for Practitioners]
All these three books have been translated into over 25 languages thus far.

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Dr. Michael Newton’s First Case of Past-Life Regression

Dr. Michael Newton began studying traditional hypnosis at a very young age and placed his first subject in a hypnotic trance in 1947 (He was close to 15-years-old at that time).

Dr. Michael Newton was skeptic by nature and focused on traditional hypnotherapy, as his training was mostly on pain management to help uncover and heal childhood trauma. At the beginning he used to refuse requests to do past-life-regression, believing
that this was unorthodox and rather unethical.

However, one day this all changed when Dr. Michael Newton was stumbled into past life regression by accident while performing a routine hypnotherapy session for pain management. He says he was introduced to past-life regression inadvertently by one of his clients. A young man came to Dr. Newton’s clinic complaining of chronic pain on his right side. Dr. Newton first tried a regular hypnotherapy session in which the client made stabbing motions to describe the kind of pain he has been feeling throughout his life. Dr. Newton instructed the client to go to the source of the pain and was actually searching for an explanation of this pain in his childhood of the current life, but the client took a brave step and suddenly regressed himself into his past life as a First World War soldier who was killed by a fatal wound from a bayonet in France. On July 1, 1016, some 20,000 people were killed in the war. As the client was regressed into his past life, the source and root cause of pain was discovered and immediately the pain disappeared. This experience changed Dr. Michael Newton’s career as hypnotherapist forever. Since then, he has begun working on past life regressions extensively. Dr. Michael Newton figured out that the keyword "Source of Pain" he instructed on his client was of utmost importance in regressing his client to his past life.


Dr. Michael Newton’s First Case of Life-Between-Lives Regression

Dr. Newton stumbled onto life between lives regression by accident through a routine past life regression hypnosis session. Dr. Newton described about his first experience with his client as follows:  One day a woman walked into his clinic complaining about a problem of depression, claiming she has been experiencing a sense of deep loneliness and finding herself isolated from the society and that she has been missing and feeling a terrible obsession to be with her old friends. When Dr. Newton asked her if those old friends were childhood friends of this life, she replied quickly with a “NO” answer.

Dr. Newton took her to deep hypnosis session. He walked her through several past lives and based on her answers, Dr. Newton determined that those friends were not from any past life. Dr. Newton later took her to super-conscious state and inadvertently used the word “group,” which he later found that as the “keyword” in spiritual regression process, inquiring if she ever lived in a group of friends. Dr. Newton finally asked her if there was ever a time in her existence that she was not lonely because she was with her “group” of friends. She immediately replied with a big YES.  Dr. Newton instructed her to travel to the source of that group. Immediately after that, she exclaimed that
THEY ARE THERE, MY COMPANIONS, I SEE ALL OF THEM RIGHT NOW,” pointing her finger towards his office wall. When Dr. Newton asked her if they were her friends in her past life, she replied NO with confidence, and described that she is in her spirit world at her eternal home with her eternal soul mates (there were 8 of them), whom she has been deeply missing throughout her life. She cried with overwhelming joy after she visited her eternal group/cluster of companions in that spiritual regression session.

This experience opened the door for Dr. Newton’s new research interest on “Life-Between-Lives.” Since then, Dr. Newton has become obsessed with what had occurred, replaying the tape over and over again, making refinements with other clients, and slowly this complex jigsaw puzzle began to come together. After this amazing experience, he intensified his research interest on Life-Between-Lives session with his clients, and discovered the detailed, stunning and groundbreaking details about the Spirit World
a Realm where souls travel to and live after death.
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In this Video-5 (JOURNEY BETWEEN LIVES), Dr. Michael Newton described briefly about his first case of past-life regression and his first case life-between-lives regression, and then answered the following 20 questions:

1. How is past-life therapy is viewed by the mainstream?
There are two types of people: those who know what hypnosis is and those who don’t know hypnosis. All these people tend to have real spiritual experiences, and are never influenced by hallucinations, like critics argue. The conscious mind is not unconscious. When a subject is being hypnotized, he/she is in conscious state, and conscious mind does not generate hallucinations. What my clients tell me in hypnotic state is the true and real information regarding the spirit world. Some could argue that there is no scientific proof that spirit world exist. Dr. Michael Newton affirmed that: based on my personal experience with my clients, I (a one-time skeptic) now firmly believe that what my clients reveal in my hypnotic sessions is the real information. It doesn’t matter whether my clients are either deeply religious or atheists, once they were in deep hypnotic state, they all firmly told me the exact same information about the spirit world, and about the life-between-lives stay. There were no contradictions or conflicts between two different subjects. Dr. Michael Newton assures that his findings on past life regressions and life between lives regressions are not based on hallucinations.

2. What happens when someone dies?
After the death, the soul rises and flies above the body and views its own dead body and surroundings, and then passes through a tunnel of bright lights with a joyous feeling, and then the soul would be greeted by a spirit guide or soul mate exactly as described by the Near Death Experiences (NDE) witnesses. In NDE, the person is clinically dead for only a few minutes and experiences a trauma and pain in case of an accident. Where as in a hypnosis session, Dr. Michael Newton’s clients were in the hypnotic state for up to 3 hours per session. In a hypnotic state, the subjects are in a relaxed state of mind without any trauma or pain, and express and narrate their findings in a forthright manner whatever they see and feel in their minds. That is to say the findings of hypnosis sessions are more reliable and trustworthy.

There are mainly two types of souls: beginner souls and advanced souls (though there is also another type called intermediate souls, which are in-between beginners souls and advanced souls). Beginner souls, by not having much experiences of incarnations, become disoriented, hang around the dead body for a while after they die and even wait until their funeral. They want to see how the dead body is being treated and are curious to find out if the relatives brought any flowers to the dead body, they are a kind of reluctant to leave this life they enjoyed so much, and so on.

But the advanced souls tend to enter the minds of their mourning loved ones and relatives and try to soften their grief, and then quickly pass over the tunnel of bright lights and enter the spirit world, which is the permanent home (the life on the Earth is temporary home). 

It is important to note here that Dr. Michael Newton’s clients never mentioned that they saw any religious figures (such as Jesus Christ, Allah, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna or other Hindu Gods similar to those findings of NDE) in the spirit world. All clients of Dr. Michael Newton in his 40 years of practice of hypnotherapy only saw and recognized their dead relatives of all ages, their friends, spirit guides, spiritual masters, soul mates, but never mentioned anything about religious figures or Gods of any kind. However it does not mean that there is no God. It means that the God (the Higher Power) does not meet with the souls at this stage.

3. What do souls look like?
In the beginning you see a pin-point of light, which slowly progresses to a recognizable misty-shape. Souls look like ghost-like figures or shadows made from the light energy with the features that could be easily recognized. A soul after the death and after passing over the tunnel, when approaching the spirit world, usually sees a light being, that is well familiar and easily recognizable, such as a spirit guide or a soul mate of the cluster where the soul lived before incarnating on the Earth, a dead friend or a dead relative.

4. Is there a hell?
Dr. Michael Newton’s clients, in their hypnotic sessions, never mentioned about any demonic figures of a hell of any kind. No one saw any hell of cruel punishment of any sort. His clients have not seen the demons torturing and tormenting as described by the NDE witnesses. The people who had NDE were in a trauma and pain with anxiety and so they probably reported seeing hell and demons. But based on Dr. Michael Newton’s findings with his clients, the spirit world is not a place of terror and fear. The spirit world is a place of love, kindness and forgiveness.

The evildoers would go through some orientation lessons peacefully by spirit guides, wise beings and elders, and would willingly come back to the planet Earth again as victims in their next incarnations, facing themselves the evil on the planet Earth and suffer.

5. What is the tribunal or judgment?
After we die and cross over the tunnel, we go in front of the tribunal, consisting of a group of wise and highly advanced beings and elders. They are highly advanced, highly evolved and highly experienced souls. They are very nice and very kind beings. They are in a group of 3 beings to 12 beings, depending on each individual case. The tribunal reviews the life of a person who just died and crossed over. This is called the day-of-judgment and/or life review day. These advanced beings question the individual, praises the accomplishments and successes, highlights the failures and mistakes made in the current life. After that, they help plan the next life so that those mistakes and failures would be rectified in the following incarnation.  Once life is reviewed by the tribunal, the soul goes home, which is a cluster of soul mates in the spirit world. After completing the life-between-lives stay in the spirit world, the individual soul says good-bye to its soul mates and spirit guide, go to the area of embarkation, reborn to new chosen parents with a new body, and start learning the lessons of the next new life.

6. Are there young and old souls?
Yes there are young and old souls, depending solely on how much knowledge the soul has accumulated and advanced, and it does not depend on the length of time the soul lived and reincarnated. Some souls attain a lot of knowledge and become advanced in a short time with only a few reincarnations while other souls do not attain much knowledge even after thousands of reincarnations. The more knowledge the soul possessed, the older and more advanced the soul becomes.

The color of the soul changes as lessons are learned and the knowledge accumulated in a given incarnation. Karmic consequences could either promote or inhibit the change of soul color towards the next advanced level. From the color of the soul, it is possible to determine how advanced the soul has become.

7. What are ghosts?
Some souls do not leave the astral world and get into the spirit world immediately after death, but become ghosts, stay around in order to take revenge, especially when they are angry because they were treated very badly or murdered in the current life. Souls have ability to live parallel lives. A part of a soul could hang around the planet Earth and the other part of the same soul could go home in the spirit world. Whenever the soul is ready to go home, the soul will be greeted by a spirit guide and taken to the tribunal for the life review.

8. What are soul groups?
Souls live in cluster groups in the spirit world. A soul group may consist of all or some of three kinds of souls such as beginner souls, intermediate souls and advanced souls. In a soul group, there are all types of souls: very courageous souls, meek souls, tolerant souls, intolerant souls, very intelligent souls, less intelligent souls, aggressive souls, quiet souls, jealousy souls, etcetera. In general, there are more advanced souls and less advanced souls. Some souls have spent 4000 to 5000 years, incarnating over and over again, in order to get rid of jealousy. During life-between-life, the more advanced souls help the less advanced souls in order to improve the spirit levels. They work together until all the souls in a group mature further and reach the same advanced level.

9. Is the purpose of life to learn from ourselves and others?
It is all about learning lessons and gaining knowledge in order to progress and attain good moral character and become an advanced being. Every soul must check the level of advancement and do something to improve the character.

Souls have many opportunities to live in many different planets where life is completely different. When we incarnate on the planer Earth, amnesia is implanted in our human minds so that we forget everything about our past lives and spirit world. We only remember what is happening in the current life on the planet Earth. You may want to live in a completely different planet where there is no amnesia. For the soul advancement, you can choose to live like a flying-creature, underwater-creature or gas-like creature in flames without forgetting your past lives and spirit world.

10. What is the ultimate goal of souls?
In the beginning of his career as hypnotherapist, Dr. Michael Newton did not believe in God or afterlife. He thought that his life would end without any such afterlife. But after hypnotizing more than 7000 clients over a period of 40 years and after learning from his clients, Dr Michael Newton says: “I believe in a Higher Power, a Source for all lives and all intelligent beings; The concept of all those incarnations is to attain perfection in the soul advancement; Once you attained the perfect soul advancement, I believe that you could rejoin that Source of Higher Power.”

11. Can the spirit world be fun?
The spirit world is a fun place to be, filled with love and joy. It is place of humor and fun. They even play sports such as RED ROVER in which two teams line up each other, and a player of one team chants the player’s name of the other team, and the player called runs to the opposite side and tries to break the chain between two players. If player is successful in breaking the chain, the opposite team would lose one player and join the other team. If the player is unsuccessful in braking the chain, the player would stay in the opposite side, and so on.  Dr. Michael Newton’s clients revealed that that kind of sports are played in spirit world. They also throw ball of energy each other and make fun and enjoy. They even go to other worlds where there are no humans and play all sorts of games.

12. How about other worlds?
There are many other planets and many other worlds. Some of your dreams are reflections of your past life experiences in the other planets and other worlds. Some people dream as flying-creatures or underwater-creatures if they lived before possessing those bodies in their past incarnations. Dr. Michael Newton had clients who already incarnated in the other worlds as flying-creatures, underwater-creatures, and gas-like creatures in flames. There are also clients who had no incarnating experiences in the planets other than the planet Earth.

13. How about dreams?
By dreaming, we can cleanse our minds every day to erase the daily activities.  Sometimes, we get dreams of utter nonsense. Sometimes we get dreams of problem-solving thoughts. If you are smart enough, you can grasp the hints from your dreams and solve your life problems. Spiritual dreams are based on the past-life experiences. Sometimes, we may receive help from spirit guides. We have to carefully recognize them, remember them, and utilize them.

14. What about future lives?
Future life is progression instead of regression. In a karmic lesson point of view, it is better not to think and worry about future lives. He had some clients who talked about 22nd century and how the planet Earth will be over-crowded and how difficult the life could be due to air pollution and other problems. When we are in the spirit world, we are able to see past and future simultaneously, but on the planet Earth, it could be very confusing.

15. When do you rejoin “life”?
On the day-of-judgment, at the time of life review, we go in front of the tribunal, consisting of a group of wise and highly advanced beings and elders, who would recommend one or several options for the next incarnation for the soul advancement. The individual has to decide what kind of incarnation he/she could choose for the next life. The recommendation of tribunal is so reasonable and acceptable that you would never reject it. You simply follow the tribunal’s recommendation, and assume the next incarnation. Before incarnating into the next life, an individual can see, exactly as in a movie, how the life could be in the next incarnation. A rehearsal of the upcoming incarnation is possible in the spirit world.

16. How does it feel to die?
Dr. Michael Newton’s clients described that the death is very beautiful, and brings the feeling of freedom and joy. They rise over their bodies and realize that they left their dead bodies. The look at their dead bodies, they see the relatives weeping and mourning, they remember everything what happened in the current life and in all past incarnations. At the time of death, souls do not feel sadness because they are immortal beings, like the living people on the planet Earth. They enter the spirit world with a feeling of freedom and joy. No more suffering like on the planet Earth.

17. What is a disturbed soul?
The disturbed souls may have been those people who have been murdered for example or lived very traumatic life for example in a prison cell. They are very unhappy with a soul that is contaminated due to the misery and suffering. Or, it could a very young soul who could not live up to its expectations and died too early.

18. Are there different levels of souls?
There are three types of souls: beginner souls, intermediate souls and advanced souls.  Beginner souls advance to intermediate souls when they attain sufficient knowledge and become eligible to teach others. It also depends on how much time you spend to teach and help others for their advancement. A soul can grow from beginner level to advanced level by educating, by gaining knowledge, by teaching knowledge to others, by helping others for their advancement, and by being unselfish and by giving.

19. What are soul mates?
A soul group lives in a cluster in the spirit world, consisting of 4 to 30 soul mates or more.  A soul mate could be a husband or wife, a best friend in your school or work place or a business partner in your current life or past lives.

20. What is orientation and transition?
After you die, you go in front of a tribunal consisting of highly advanced beings such as spirit guides, wise beings and elders who would review you life you just completed and died on the planet Earth. The tribunal examines your life-review, discusses the lessons you learned, praises your accomplishments and also highlights your failures and mistakes you made, etcetera. The same tribunal also helps plan your next life so that your soul would rectify its defects and advances towards perfection. This process is called the orientation.

Transition is when you move into the spirit world and rejoin your soul mates in your cluster after the orientation session completed. You may also go to the other soul groups and find out how they are doing in terms of learning life lessons towards soul advancement.

After you completed the life-between-lives stay, when you want to reincarnate, you say good-bye to your soul mates, and go to the place of embarkation. Then you will re-born to your new chosen parents and commence the next new life in order to learn new lessons. That is the purpose of your life: learning new lessons and evolving for the soul advancement towards reaching the perfection.
When your soul reaches perfection, you no longer live in the spirit world, but move to the eternal life where you experience ecstasy forever, which is much closer to the God (Dr. Michael Newton calls it the Higher Power).

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Dr. Michael Newton Books from Amazon.com
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1. Journey Of Souls: Case Studies of
Life Between Lives
(Oh, My god I am not Really Dead, Am I?) 
Author: Michael Newton, PhD
List Price: $14.95  Price: $10.69

2. Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of
Life Between Lives (Paperback) 
Author: Michael Newton, PhD

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3. Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (Paperback)
Author: Michael Newton, PhD
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4. Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation  Editor: Michael Newton (Published in Oct 2009)    List Price: $17.95  Price: $11.52




Spiritual Regression

In a successful spiritual regression session, you will experience what it's like and the wonders in the spirit world. You could feel a deep sense of true love, joy, tranquility and ineffable peace that you never felt on earth. While regressing to your past life memories and mysteries and/or while returning to the life between lives, you will witness yourself how peaceful it feels to die, and will erase the fear of death, you will discover who you really are and who your spirit guide is, and who the wise beings are. They will guide you on how to evolve fully to become God-like and will protect you hereafter and here on earth.  

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 Dr. Brian Weiss's Research
Past Life Regressions & Space Between Lives or Life Between Lives

Biography of Dr. Brian Weiss: Brian L. Weiss, MD (born in Brooklyn in 1944) is one of the world's foremost experts in the hypnotic past-life-regression therapy, and one of the first medical doctors to explore the past lives of his patients as a means of therapy. Dr. Weiss owns a private practice in Miami, Florida, USA, staffed with highly experienced hypnotherapists, regression therapists, psychologists and social workers who conduct past life regression sessions and spiritual psychotherapy sessions to those in need. In addition, Dr. Weiss conducts national and international seminars and hands-on training workshops on past-life-regression therapy. His wife Carole K. Weiss, MSW, has worked with him since 1981 and has been co-training on past-life-regression therapy with him since 1995.

Dr. Brian L. Weiss is a psychiatrist by profession and best selling author who currently lives in Miami, Florida, USA. He holds a BA in Chemistry from Columbia University in 1966, a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, graduate and received his medical degree (MD) at Yale Medical School in 1970. At the age of 35, he became the first Chief of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, Florida, and a professor at the University of Miami's medical school. He is currently the Chairman Emeritus of psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Miami, Florida.

Dr. Weiss Met Catherine in 1980 Who Changed His Life
As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Weiss spent years in the disciplined study of the human psychology, training his mind to think as a scientist and a physician. In his earlier life, Dr. Weiss considered himself as a materialistic person who rarely gave much thought to anything mystical, philosophical or spiritual. He held steadfastly to conservatism in his profession, and used to argue against any spiritual thing that could not be proved by traditional scientific methods. But this all changed in 1980 when he met his 27-year-old patient named “Catherine” who came to his office desperately seeking help for her anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias.

For 18 months, Dr. Weiss used conventional methods of treatment to help Catherine overcome her traumas. When nothing seemed to work, he tried traditional hypnosis, which, he explains, is an excellent tool to help a patient remember long-forgotten incidents. There is nothing mysterious about it. It is just a state of focused concentration. Under the instruction of a trained hypnotist, the patient’s body relaxes, causing the memory to sharpen, eliciting memories of long-forgotten traumas that were disrupting their lives.
After inducing a trance, Dr. Weiss asked Catherine to go back to the origin of the time from which her symptoms arose. Much to his astonishment, that hypnotic suggestion regressed her back to a time approximately 4000 years ago in a place like Babylon where she died in a flood, and had originally suffered the traumatic experiences that were the root causes of her present-day problems. 

At first Dr. Weiss, influenced by his own skepticism, thought Catherine was experiencing a fantasy of some false memories, or maybe remembering a movie. In any case, her fear of drowning disappeared. Over the next few months, in a series of trance-like states, Dr. Weiss regressed Catherine to many more past lives and with each regression, another fear disappeared. Painful acts of past life memories were proved to be the causative factors of her recurring nightmares, anxiety attack and panic attack symptoms. She remembered altogether 86 past lives in physical state, and discovered that she lived in different places on the planet Earth both as female and male. She recalled vividly the details of each birth, her name, her family members, her physical appearance
, the landscape, and how she was killed by stabbing in one life, by drowning or by illness in another. And in each lifetime she experienced myriad events making progress to fulfill all of the agreements and all of the Karmic debts that were accumulated by her actions.

Catherine Revealed Startling Details to Dr. Weiss
During a past-life-regression session, Catherine found herself unexpectedly regressed to a spiritual state of space-between-lives or life-between-lives where she met with many Masters, highly evolved and enlightened higher beings. From this spiritual state, Catherine delivered the following two stunning messages:

1. Catherine delivered a message to Dr. Weiss from his father, who died long ago, by revealing his father’s name (Avrom) correctly in Hebrew language—a name she could not have known.
2. Catherine delivered another stunning message to Dr. Weiss from his first-born son (Adam) who died when he was just 23 days old from a very rare heart condition.

Dr. Weiss’s skepticism was totally eroded as a result of these astonishing messages from Catherine. He was fully convinced that the past life memories, reincarnation and the spiritual state of life-between-life are indeed true. And his life would never be the same. He has done detailed past-life-regressions of multiple lives in dozens of more patients. None of these patients was psychotic, hallucinating, or experiencing multiple personality disorders.

After twenty years of diligent research through conducting hypnotic sessions, he produced five remarkable Brian Weis books, as listed below, publishing his groundbreaking discoveries of past-life-memories and life-between-life revelations.

      1. Many Lives, Many Masters
2. Through Time Into Healing
3. Only Love Is Real
4. Messages from the Masters
5. Same Soul, Many Bodies

Dr. Weiss's 1st Book “Many Lives, Many Masters"
In his 1st book, “Many Lives, Many Masters,” Dr. Weiss reported the true story of a prominent psychiatrist, Himself, his young patient Catherine, the results of Past-Life-Regression therapy, and Messages (Remarkable Revelations) from the Masters that changed both their lives.

Messages From the Masters
Catherine during her regressions floated out of her body after her death of past lives. Dr. Weiss knew that she never read the studies of Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross or Dr. Raymond Moody, who have both written books about Near Death Experiences. Yet she revealed similar or even more experiences to those described in those publications. As she floated out of her body after each death, she repeatedly said: “I am Aware of a Bright Light; It’s the Wonderful Light; You Get Energy from this Light.” Then, while waiting to be reborn in the in-between-lives state, she met with the Masters and learned from them the great wisdom and became a conduit for transcendental knowledge. From what Catherine said she learned from the Masters, Dr. Weiss summarized her sacred revelations as follows:

Teachings From the Voices of the Master Spirits:
  1. Our task is to learn on this planet, to become God-like through knowledge. By knowledge we approach God, and then we can rest. Then we come back to teach and help others.
2. There are many gods, for God is in each of us.
  3. We have to be on different planes at different times. Each one is a level of higher consciousness. What plane we go to depends upon how far we’ve progressed.
4. We must share our knowledge with other people. We all have abilities far beyond what we use. You should check your voices, if you do not, you carry them over with you to another life, when you decide you are strong enough to master the external problems, then you will no longer have them in your next life.
5. Everybody’s path is basically the same. We all must learn certain attitudes while we’re in physical state. Charity, Hope, Faith, and Love are the topics that we must master in order to know them full well.
  6. Everything is energy. Humans can only see the outside, but you can go much deeper. Being in a physical state is not normal. Being in spiritual state is natural. When we are sent back to this physical life, it’s to learn new things in life. In the spirit world you have to wait, and then your going back to physical life is renewed.
  7. The fear of death, that no amount of money or power can neutralize, remains within us. But if people knew that life is endless so we never die; we were never really born, this fear would dissolve. We have lived countless times before and would live countless times again, and spirits are around us to help while in physical state and after death, in spiritual state. We and our deceased loved ones would join these guardian angels.
  8. Acts of violence and injustices against people do not go unnoticed or unnoted, but those evil people will pay their accumulated Karma in the future lifetime or lifetimes to come.
9. Everything comes when it must come. A life cannot be rushed. We must accept what comes to us at a given time, life is endless, we just pass through different phases. There is no end. Time is not as we see time, but rather in lessons that are learned.
10. After death, we get to the spiritual plane, we keep growing there too. When we arrive, we’re burned out. We have to go through a renewal stage, a learning stage, and a stage of decision. We decide when and where we want to return to physical body, and for what reasons. Our body is just a vehicle for us in that life while we’re here on Earth. It is our soul and our spirit that last forever.

How Did Catherine Reach the Masters?
To reach or attract ”Messages From the Masters,” the subject should travel much deeper levels beyond past-life-regressions and reincarnation. Dr. Weiss called this field “psychospiritual psychotherapy” which includes all elements: regression therapy, understanding at a deeper level, spiritual roots and understanding a lot about love. Love is the basic energy, binding force and it is the love that can help to dissolve fear and anxiety disorders. Catherine successfully traveled through those levels when she revealed Messages from the Masters. As a result, her anxiety disorders were wiped out by the divine love.

Dr. Weiss believes that, under hypnosis, Catherine was able to focus in on the part of her subconscious mind that stored actual past-life memories, or perhaps she had tapped into what the psychoanalyst Carl Jung termed the Collective Unconscious, the energy source that surrounds us containing the memories of the entire human race.

Hinduism Versus Dr. Weiss’s Research Findings
Reincarnation and past-life–experiences maybe new to Dr. Weiss and his client Catherine in 1981, but they were not new to human race on the planet Earth. In the primitive religion such as Hinduism, “the reincarnation, cycle of life and death (countless times), the concept of Karma (the universal principle of cause and effect), purpose of life, divine knowledge, how evil deeds are punished and good deeds are rewarded” are very commonly known to and highly believed by Hindu people. In the Holy Bhagavat Gita (which was written 5000 years ago in Sanskrit by Sage Vyasa Maharshi) and Vedic Scriptures (which were written 5000 years ago in Sanskrit by Vedic Rishis), the concept of reincarnation and cycle of birth and death were very well described in detail.  That is to say Dr. Weiss’s discoveries merely coincided with the revelations already illustrated in detail in the Holy Bagavat Gita and Vedic Scriptures of Hinduism 5000 years ago.  The same is true with Buddhism.

In 1881, Swami Vivekananda was brought to the trance state by Sri Ramakrishna, and Swami Vivekananda revealed to Sri Ramakrishna the purpose of his life on the planet Earth and the nature of his future. And these revelations were later found to be true. The life of Swami Vivekananda is described in the section Understanding
God (East). Please click on East button and scroll down.


Dr. Weiss’s 2nd Book: “Through Time Into Healing”
This book contains numerous case histories which illustrate the healing potential of past life regression therapy, and it provides several techniques for eliciting past life recall. This book shows readers how to help themselves lead healthy and productive lives, secure in the knowledge that death is not the final word and that the doorways to healing and wholeness are inside us.

In this book, "Through Time Into Healing," Dr. Weiss demonstrated how to utilize safe and rapid techniques to heal clinical symptoms. Now, drawing on the wisdom of the Masters, the spirit guides who shape our destinies, bestselling author Dr. Brian Weiss gives us his most outstanding achievement to date.   He reveals the essential life force in the universe and the ultimate healing energy. Its name is love. And he shows us how to harness its awesome power.

Dr. Weiss’s Mind Blowing 3rd Book: “Only Love is Real”
Anybody will be blown away by reading through the breathetaking contents of this book. In “Only Love is Real,” Dr. Weiss identified two Soulmates “Elizabeth & Pedro” who have been lovers over many lifetimes prior to 2000 years ago, but never had been re-united in the current lifetime or in the lifetimes of preceding 2000 years. Prior to 2000 years ago: both of them had been lovers in many previous lives, they had been husband and wife, childhood lovers, father and daughter in another life. Now they had traveled nearly 2000 years to be together again and re-united in the same therapist’s clinic in the same city at the same time but scheduled apart from each other, each unaware of the other's existence but both in their separate therapy sessions. Both Elizabeth & Pedro were suffering from grief, anxiety attacks, depression, dejection and unable to pursue a loving and meaningful relationship in the current life. When Dr. Weiss regressed them to their past lives, both Elizabeth and Pedro revealed the exact same breathetaking information regarding their past lives.

Only Dr. Weiss knew this information and both of them had never met in their current lives and neither had a hint about how their destiny would unfold. It was a difficult decision for Dr. Brian Weiss whether he should cross the boundary of psychiatric ethics and nudge the destiny to help them meet or let them go separated and be unhappy forever in this lifetime.

However, the astounding truth is that Soulmates will re-unite as the fate brings them together whether it takes 50, 100, 500, 1000 or 2000 years. Your spirit will recognize just by looking into the eyes. You will be one again, because Only Love is Real.

Dr. Weiss’s 4th Book: “Messages from the Masters”
In his 4th book, Dr. Weiss reveals many messages from the Masters received through his own meditations and through the past-life regressions and life-between-lives regressions of his own clients. Each chapter opens with a quote from the Masters.

The messages from the Masters can be summed up as follows: We should allow our minds to return to what is important
love, peace, eternal life, spiritual thoughts and practices; We should put aside what is unimportant such as material things, money, pride and ego, violence, jealousy, fear, worry, anxiety and hatred.

Dr. Weiss’s 5th Book: “Same Soul, Many Bodies”

In this miraculous book “Same Soul, Many Bodies,” Dr. Weiss reveals his research findings on how past and present lives can affect our future lives, and how our future lives can transform us in the here and now. We have all lived past lives. All of us will live future ones. What we do in this life will influence our lives to come as we evolve toward immortality. Dr. Weiss knows this is true because recently he has not only regressed his patients into the past, but has progressed them into the future. And what they have discovered is that our futures are variable, so the choices we make now will determine the quality of life when we return next time into this human body.

By regressing his patients to their past lives. Dr. Weiss healed their sicknesses and improved their current lives to much healthier levels. As a result, Dr Weiss believed that, their future lives would automatically be refined. Using dozens of case histories of his patients, Dr. Weiss demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of future-life-progression, just as he has proved that journeys into our past lives can alleviate or cure our physical and emotional wounds in the present.


Dr. Brian Weiss Speaks About His Spiritual Regression Therapy Experience:


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Dr. Brian Weiss: Free Will, Destiny, Soul Mates, Ghosts, Souls in Different Forms


Dr. Brian Weiss: Same Soul, Many Bodies (1-12 Videos)
Video-14 Dr. Brian Weiss: What Does Past Life Regression Teach Us About
the Afterlife (with Bob Olson)




Cycle of Birth and Death Continues Until We Evolve Fully!

We have all lived past lives. All of us will live future ones. 
What we do in
this life will influence our lives to come as we evolve toward immortality. 
Dr. Brian L. Weiss

Dr. Brian Weiss Books from Amazon.com
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1. Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist & His Young Patient  Author: Brian L. Weiss
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2. Through Time Into Healing (Paperback)
Author: Brian L. Weiss

List Price: $14.00  Price: $11.20

3. Only Love Is Real: A Story of Soulmates Reunited (Paperback) Author: Brian Weiss
List Price: $13.95  Price: $11.16


4. Messages from the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love (Paperback)
Author: Brian Weiss

List Price: $13.95  Price: $11.16

5. Same Soul, Many Bodies: Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives through Progression Therapy  Author: Brian L. Weiss
List Price: $14.00  Price: $11.20

6. Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility In Your Life (Little Book and CD)
Author: Brian Weiss

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7. Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace (Hardcover)   Author: Brian Weiss
List Price: $17.95  Price: $12.21

8. Mirrors of Time: Using Regression for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing.    Author: Brian L. Weiss
List Price: $17.95  Price: $12.21

9. Regression Through The Mirrors of Time (Meditation Regression) [Audio CD] 
Author: Brian Weiss

List Price: $15.00  Price: $10.20


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Dr. Bruce Goldberg's Research
Self-Hypnosis,  Past Lives Regression, Future Lives Progression,
Parallel Universes, Time Travel, Teleportation and Out-of-Body Travel


Please click on the following link and read through the following very important items of Dr. Bruce Goldberg:

         (i) Biography of Dr. Bruce Goldberg
         (ii) Self-Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
              a. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique
                 (Tense the Body Part, Hold It, and Relax It)
              b. Suggestions to Your Subconscious Mind
              c. Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides & Spiritual Masters
              d. Soul Healing Through Superconscious Mind Tap

              e. Past Lives Regression & Future Lives Progression

        (iii) Future Life Progression
         (iv) Rising to Superconscious Mind Level
         (v) List of Bruce Goldberg's Videos & Books




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Dr. Joel Whitton's Research
Revelations from the State of Bardo/Metaconsciousness

Biography of Dr. Joel Whitton:
Dr. Joel Whitton, MD, PhD, F.R.C.P. (62 years old in 2008) used to be a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto Medical School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was considered an expert in clinical hypnosis especially in past life regressions and life-between-life regressions. In addition to a medical degree MD, he earned a degree in neurobiology and also a PhD.

Since the age of 14, Dr. Whitton has displayed prescient skills as a hypnotist. In his early twenties, he developed a fascination with the idea of reincarnation, and had read a lot of literature on ancient scriptures. Dr. Whitton gained a more intimate understanding of subconscious or unconscious mind. Dr. Whitton stumbled upon the state of bardo back in 1974 at the age of 28. Right from the beginning of his career as psychiatrist, he began regressing his patients to their past lives and instructed them to regress to the source of the traumatic pain where it began. This technique resulted in rapid and dramatic healing of both mental and physical disorders and terminal diseases as well where conventional medicine had failed to address these issues.

Dr. Joel Whitton's Interests: His professional interests include the Awakening the Miraculous Healing Power Using Past Life Therapy or Deep Hypnosis, Neurophysiology of Brain Function, Theology of Human Experience, and Anomalous Perception. He has published extensively in neurophysiology.

His book
Life Between Life
appeared in 1986. This is one of the first books in the western world that dealt extensively with life on the other side between reincarnations in the state of Bardo. The author's writing skills and the sensitive contents this book are very touching and mind-blowing. After this book, Dr. Whitton almost disappeared from this very interesting field. It is unclear why Dr. Whitton did not write more books on this topic and why was he not more famous around the world. His book sounded that, with more determination and hard work, Dr. Whitton could have uncovered the evidence and truth about the Other Side and the spiritual activities there!

Dr. Whitton's Research: Dr. Whitton gathered a group of about 30 ordinary people agreed to participate in his extraordinary research, from truck drivers to computer scientists, some believed in reincarnation and some others did not. He spent thousands of hours in a span of nearly 20 years in hypnotizing them individually while recording everything they said about their alleged previous existences, their past-life memories and also the revelations from spiritual state of Bordo (a state between incarnations). Every person in the group reported numerous past lives, some as many as 20 to 25, and all reported that gender is not specific to the soul, and many had lived at least one life as the opposite sex.

Purpose of Life: Under deep hypnosis sessions, all subjects of Dr. Whitton reported that the purpose of life is to learn and evolve, and that multiple existences (birth, death and rebirth) would facilitate this process. Dr. Whitton’s subjects, whose religious backgrounds are as varied as their initial prejudices for or against reincarnation, have testified consistently that the cycle of birth and rebirth is fundamental to the evolutionary process in which we are enveloped. Most advanced souls are non-selfish, highly experienced, filled with increased philosophical backgrounds, purity and compassion, and are less influenced by their human personalities or characteristics and devote much of their time to help evolve other souls, allowing the true nature of the soul to manifest.

What Happens to Us Between Earthly Incarnations?
Tibetan Book of the Dead (around 800 AD): The Book provides an appropriate description of the human entity in disembodied dwelling between incarnations. You have no physical body of flesh and blood, so whatever sounds, colors, and rays of light and heat occur, they cannot hurt you and you cannot die. Know This to be the Bardo State.
  Katha Upanishad of India (some time during 1400 BC – 800 BC): The Upnishad declared that “the self does not die when the body dies. Concealed in the heart of all beings lies the Atma, the Spirit, the Self—smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the greatest spaces.”
Plutarch, The Greek Philosopher (46 – 119 AD): Plutarch said that “Every soul is ordained to wander between incarnations in the region between the Moon and the Earth.”

The aforementioned information regarding the State of Bardo gave implicit support of the idea of life-between-lives—the possession of uninterrupted awareness from one life to the next.

Through many hours of painstaking and laborious hypnotic examinations, Dr. Whitton mastered the techniques on how to compile personal inventories of past lives stretching across thousands of years. Dr. Whitton discovered that, according to karmic necessity, his subjects jumped in and out of incarnation to interact with the same entities in ever-changing relationships. He saw how the trials, the successes, and failures of each life contributed to the formation of the present-day individual. Moreover, no matter how disparate the various lives in each person’s reincarnational history might be, they always unfolded according to the universal law of cause and effect (law of Karma). In other words, the actions and attributes in one life would determine the setting and challenges of a life or lives to come.

That is to Say: The actions of all past lives together would determine how the present life should be; And the actions of all past lives and present life together would determine the future life. The cycle of birth and death continues until the soul advances to its final destiny of utmost purity.

Interlife Between Incarnations: According to Dr. Whitton, the duration of the interlife in the state of Bardo varies from a few months to several centuries but averages 40 years. Which means after every 40 years of rest, a soul incarnates. However, recent scientific progress and cultural changes allow souls to incarnate sooner than 40 years. And the soaring human population provides more host bodies for souls, allowing more frequent incarnations, and therefore much faster evolution or advancement of the soul.

Dr. Whitton focused on bringing his subjects to a deep trance state, called the State of Bardo—the mysterious state between incarnations. Whitton termed this state of mind between incarnations is the State of Metaconsciousness. He also called it the Between-Life State or the Between-Life Realm or the Interstate or the Next World. From deep trance state, his subjects revealed that after the death, the soul returns to the same timeless, spaceless condition/ream that it left to be born—a state/real in which it remains until called upon to fulfill its spiritual evolution process, or karma, by returning to the planet earth.

All subjects described this interim as a dazzling, light-filled realm in which there was no time or space that can be defined or described. According to his subjects, part of the purpose of this realm was to allow them to plan their next life. Dr. Whitton found that when the subjects were in the between-life realm, they entered an unusual state of consciousness in which they had a heightened moral and ethical sense. Dr. Whitton termed this state of mind the Metaconsciousness. Some other researchers termed this superconsciousness or higher-self to denote this particular state of mind.

Major Benefit of Regressing to Bardo
Dr. Whitton emphasized from his extensive research findings that regressing to and reliving in traumatic past life memories, through a deep trance or Bordo state, could provide outstanding results in healing both physical and psychological problems of the current life. All his subjects experienced profound healing. He also taught to his subjects the self-exploration of the visualization techniques, intended to evoke memories of earlier or past lives. Most of his subjects benefited from these techniques that were not possible through conventional medicine.

Dr. Whitton has shown that understanding the Interlife (Life on the Other Side) is not only educational, but also therapeutically valuable and a potential source of enlightenment. Dr. Whitton, after spending thousands of hours (nearly 20 years) of hypnotic sessions with his dedicated time and effort in studying past-life regression and between-life regression with more than 30 subjects, has obliged to conclude that subconscious mind is yielding stored-up knowledge of former incarnations and activities in the Interlife (Other World). All his subjects traveled beyond space and time, as Dr. Whitton escorted them, into the state of mataconsciousness or state of bardo, from where they revealed the insights and the valuable information that matched well with the knowledge of ancient scriptures and many other present-day investigators of similar interests.

What Happens After Death?
Dr. Whitton's Steps Are Similar to Those of Dr. Raymond Moody and Others:
  a. Floating Over the Body,
  b. Crossing Over (Passing Through the Tunnel),
c. Seeing The Light/Spirit Guide,
  d. Meeting Deceased Loved Ones,
  e. Life Review by the Board of Judgment,
  f. Planning for the Next Life According to Karmic Script.

Floating, Crossing, Seeing Light, Meeting Deceased
Time and time again, Dr. Whitton’s subjects have spoken under deep trance of floating and seeing their bodies lying beneath them before being pulled rapidly through a high, cylindrical passway. All subjects felt the onset of strange and wonderful experiences filled with peace and joy. This is the same experience reported by many as the tube or tunnel that appears as the channel of conveyance to the afterworld (the other side). Some subjects noted that they were met by spirit guides while still in transit in the tunnel and escorted into the Interlife, while most subjects revealed that they traveled alone through the tunnel and merged with a multitude of strangers at the end of the tunnel. Most subjects reported that at the end of the tunnel, they met with a deceased relative or friend, a conductor, or a guide who has been watching over and the in-charge during the past incarnation, often carrying a torch of some sort to light the way into the Other Side (afterworld).

The Other Side/Life-Between-Life: Overwhelming illumination is the predominant feature of entry into life-between-life state. The oceanic experience of cosmic consciousness may be an appreciation of this illumination. No earthly bliss can compare with the unalloyed ecstasy that engulfs all who cross the threshold. No human language can describe the peace and joy that one experiences while crossing.

One Subject of Dr. Whitton Described the Scene of Entering Life-Between-Life: 

It’s so bright, so beautiful, so serene. It’s like going into the Sun and being absorbed without  any sensation of heat. You go back to the wholeness of everything. You Say to Yourself "I didn’t want to come back again."

Another Subject of Dr. Whitton Described the Scene of Entering Life-Between-Life: 

I feel definite physical change in trance after passing through a previous death. My body expands and fills the entire room. Then I am flooded with the most euphoric feelings I have ever known. These feelings are accompanied by total awareness and understanding of who I truly am, my reason for being, and my place in the universe. Everything makes sense; everything is perfectly just. It is wonderful to know that love is really in control. Coming back to normal consciousness, you have to leave behind that all-encompassing love, that knowledge, that reassurance. When I am at a low ebb, when life is particularly unpleasant, I almost wish for death because I know it would mean my return to a marvelous state of being. I used to be frightened of dying. Now I have no fear of death whatsoever.


The environment of the life-between-life is a reflection of
each person’s thought forms, wishes and expectations. 


  Buddha (560 BC – 480 BC) said: “We are What We Think.”
The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Book asserts repeatedly that
     the bardo dweller produces his own surroundings from the contents of his mind.
The French Philosopher and Mathematician Rene Descarnates (1596-1650) said:
     “I Think Therefore I am.”
The Austrian Philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) said:
     Thoughts and mental images of our inner realm appear to us after death
     as our external world. He also said that after death, all our thoughts
     and metal representations appear as a mighty panorama before the soul.


Dr. Whitton’s subjects reported a wide variety of topography while entering
the Life-Between-Life. Here are some descriptions:

  I see splendid palaces and the most beautiful gardens.
I am surrounded by abstract shapes of all different sizes, some oblong, some cylindrical.
Landscapes, always many landscapes, and waves lapping on the shore.
I am walking in endless nothingness—no floor, no ceiling, no ground and no sky.
Everything is extremely beautiful. There are no material things and yet everything
     is there: Churches, and Schools, and Libraries and Playgrounds.
I am not aware of being anywhere. Images appear to me out of nowhere.

The nature of this joyously profound revelation varies from person to person and appears to be modulated by personal experience, consciousness, and expectations. Many subjects in general find themselves enveloped in a brilliant vault of light which radiates sensations of blissfulness and peace. Some receive illuminations in the form of enlightenment directly associated with their lifelong interests, education, achievements and discoveries.

a. MATHEMATICIAN: A man who had lived two lives as a mathematician received his personal “eureka” in the form of a series of equations which he knew contained the answers sought by the world’s leading physicists to explain the links between various forms of energy in the universe.

b. MUSICIAN: A woman who had incarnated successively as a musician heard music of staggering virtuosity. “The musical compositions were incredible,” she said. “This was the music that the world’s greatest composers could have hoped to emulate in their wildest dreams,” she added.

Those who have preconceived ideas about the next world are sometimes rewarded with generosity: 

c. ROMAN CATHOLIC: A Swedish young lady, who was a devotee of Roman Catholic Religion, died by drowning while sailing in a Spanish north sea thunderstorm close to the 17th century. When she entered metaconsciousness, her religious expectations and her faith on God were thoroughly gratified with visions of cherubim and seraphim against a purple backdrop, a full-throated choir, and the figure of “Jesus Christ” welcoming her with outstretched arms.

Life Review by the Board of Judgment

According to the testimonies of Dr. Whitton’s subjects who ventured into the state of metaconsciousness, the existence of a board of judgment is real. All subjects found themselves appearing before a group of wise elderly beings usually three in number, occasionally four, and in rare instances as many as seven wise beings—perceived in a variety of guises.

TESTIMONY (Board of Judgment)

My spirit guide took me by the arm and let me to a room where the judges were sitting at a rectangular table. They were all dressed in loose white garments. I sensed their age and their wisdom. In their company, I felt peace and very boyish.

The members of this board of judgment are highly advanced souls and most certainly have completed their cycle of earthly incarnations. Their role is to assist an individual who has just completed his/her life on Earth and to make further recommendations concerning the next incarnation. In case of serious evil deeds identified, the board of judgment exercises the appropriate actions of punishment.

The Akashic Records
The past-life review is presumably extracted from the Akashic Records. Edgar Cayce, the great American clairvoyant, said “the Akashic Records were to the mental world where as the cinema is to the physical world.” Clairvoyants could tap into this cosmic memory, and it appears the hypnotic subjects are granted access to the same vast nonmolecular library of Akashic Records that contain the complete history of the life events. Whenever a hypnotic regression focuses on a scene, a snapshot from a previous existence, the person under deep trance is aware intuitively of relevant details beyond the confines of the snapshot. This picture in depth is recounted in a manner that suggests the information is being drawn from the videotape of total recall.

By reviewing the Akashic Records right in front of an individual, and by replaying, the Panel of Judgment takes decisions telepathicly on whether or not a particular individual be punished by penalizing the individual to pay off the karmic debt in the next lifetime or be rewarded by allowing the individual to grow to a much higher level of soul evolution.


The Akashic Records: Testimony

One of Dr. Whitton’s subjects said it is like climbing right inside a movie of your life. Every moment from every year of your life is played back in complete sensory detail highlighting both positive and negative deeds. The total flashback, and it all happens simultaneously and the contents are grasped telepathicly by the panel of judgment and the individual in an instant (within a blink of an eye in the human language).

If there is a private hell in the life-between-life, it is at this moment the individual soul presents itself for a review of evil deeds and faces the punishment of hell. Any emotional suffering that was inflicted on others is felt as keenly as if it were inflicted on oneself.

Dr. Whitting’s subjects revealed under deep trance that they often perceive themselves as handicapped by their own wrongdoing. A man who had murdered his lover in his past life appeared before the judgment board with his own throat slashed. A mother who had inadvertently killed her own child saw herself in chains. A woman who could not forgive herself for an act of betrayal in her previous life expressed her burden of guilt with classical Christian symbolism, and appeared by holding the cross over her shoulders.

The judges are highly capable to radiate a restorative healing energy that abolishes any assuages of guilt. The man with injured throat was made whole again. The woman with chains was freed. The cross on the woman’s shoulders was lifted and thrown away.

Planning for the Next Incarnation
Many people plan their future incarnations while discarnate. However the decision making regarding what to be accomplished in the next life is heavily influenced by the board of judgment.

The judges' recommendations are made according to what the soul needs, not what the soul wants for selfish reasons. The judges' recommendations include obstacles and difficulties in the planning of next life in order to become stronger, more aware, more evolved and more responsible. Only in this way can the soul advance to the next higher level in the evolution process. Some very advanced souls even choose deliberately very difficult life/lives of hardship or handicap in order to evolve more quickly or even to help others evolve more quickly.



The karmic script often is modified for renewed involvement of the same people with similar kind of relationships to take place in order to neutralize the karmic debts. For example one subject of Dr. Whitton revealed the following:

She did not treat some people too well in her past life. She chose to involve with the same people but reversing the treatment. This time she said she will forgive them knowingly because she really wanted to pay off the karmic debt fully and return home, because this is the home (life-between-life) that she likes the most. 

In order to be placed in a suitably balanced karmic situation, some subjects of Dr. Whitton said that they were advised by judges' panel to accept bodies that were defective. One woman reported the following:

a. I chose my mother knowing that there was a high incidence of Alzheimer's disease in her family and that there was every chance that I would catch the disease. But my karmic links with my mother-to-be were more important than any genetic deficiency I may suffer. There is also another reason coincided with my choosing of this person as my mother-to-be. The judges told me that I should undergo the experience of being raised without a father in this particular family and I was aware that my parents would soon be divorced—leading to a situation in which I would meet a man I was destined to marry.

b. A man suffering with a serious, life threatening kidney disease, disclosed in metaconscious state, that he had chosen the illness before incarnating to punish himself for a past-life moral violation. However, dying from this illness was not part of his plan, he explained. He described arranging an encounter with someone or something, before coming into this life, which would trigger his memory and enable him to heal both his guilt and his body. Soon after starting his sessions with Dr. Whitton, he experienced a miraculous and complete recovery of his current health problems!


An Individual’s Plan Could Be Open to Improvisation:

An example of this case would be about a 37-year-old woman who was lured into bushland and raped near an Indian site in Illinois several years ago. Before consulting Dr. Whitton, she spent much time and energy deliberating as to why she had been victimized. All to no avail. Her subsequent journey into the between-life state in Dr. Whitton's hypnotic session, revealed that the rape was not planned in the afterlife exactly as occurred. At the same time however, her karmic script indicated that she would make herself vulnerable to a random personal tragedy that would effect great change in her life. From the Bardo state, she revealed that: My plan was that I would pick a tragic event which would cause me to change my entire soul complexion during my thirties. By focusing on this event, I would search with whatever means were at my disposal to find deeper meaning in my life. This is exactly what has happened.

The Spirit World Is Equipped to Prepare Us

Acquisition of knowledge in the Interlife, the life-between-lives, prepares the soul for its next incarnation and the opportunity to put into practice what has been learned. Only through practical application can mastery be attained. Most of Dr. Whitton’s subjects have found themselves working very hard in vast halls of learning equipped with libraries and seminar rooms. Doctors and lawyers, for example, have spoken of studying their respective disciplines during the Interlife, life-between-life, while others remember applying themselves to such subject as “the laws of the universe” and other metaphysical topics.

Some people even tell of studying subjects that defy description because they have no earthly counterpart.
One woman reported obliquely on her investigations to discover the path to God:

We are created in God’s image and the idea is that we have to become Godlike, to get back to Him. There are many higher planes and to get back to God, to reach the plane where his spirit resides, you have to drop your garment each time until your spirit is truly free. The learning process never stops. Sometimes we are allowed glimpses of the higher planes—each one is lighter and brighter than one before it.

Life on Earth Has Already Been Rehearsed on the Other Side
The planning process tells us that much of what takes place on Earth has already been rehearsed, to a greater or lesser degree, in the between-life state.

Ralph Waldo Trine in his book "In Tune with the Infinite," said as much back in 1897.


Everything is first worked out in the unseen before it is manifested in the seen, in the ideal before it is realized in the real, in the spiritual before it shows forth in the material. The realm of the unseen is the realm of cause. The realm of the seen is the realm of effect. The nature of effect is always determined and conditioned by the nature of its cause.

It is almost as if we are artists who make a rough sketch of fresco in the between-life state. Once incarnate, we set to work on the intended masterpiece, working close up day by day to execute, in minute detail, a general idea. Eventually, at death or in a hypnosis session through metaconsciousness, we are able to step back and view the work of art. Only on returning to the life between life can we know just how faithful we have been to our objectives.

When Does the Soul Enter the Fetus (Human Body)?
Edgar Cayce’s data suggest that the soul can enter the body shortly before the birth, shortly after the birth, or at the moment of birth. In general, Dr. Whitton’s subjects support Cayce’s clairvoyant assertions in reporting birth experiences.


One Subject Revealed:

I was in the delivery room watching my mother-to-be and the doctors and nurses standing around her. White light surrounded everything that was going on and I was the one with this light. Then I heard the doctors say, “It’s coming!” and I knew that I had to merge with my new body, my mother just delivered. I was very reluctant to enter this life. It felt so wonderful being a part of the light.

Free Will: Remember! We all have the right to execute our own Free Will. After incarnating, the human personality can either be deformed or reformed depending how controlled we are in the current life. So making of the rough sketch cannot ensure the real thing will follow exactly as planned in the spirit realm. It is because of this Free Will, there are so many evil-minded people of all sorts out there, inflicting emotional suffering on others.

Buddha Said It & Buddha Did It
Enlightenment: After thousands of hours of hypnotic sessions, Dr. Whitton fully agreed with the ancient scriptures which decreed that Enlightenment is a prize to be won only after a painfully slow journey of purification from body to body in an infinite cycle of birth and death. Buddha was "enlightened" after completing an infinite number of incarnations! The only solution and salvation to your suffering is the ENLIGHTENMENT.

Dr. Whitton's Book "Life Between Life" from Amazon.com (a Very Interesting Book)


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Dr. Ian Stevenson's Research
The World's Best-Known Investigator about Reincarnation


Biography of Dr. Ian Stevenson: Dr. Ian Pretyman Stevenson, M.D., (born on October 31, 1918, in Montreal, Canada, died on February 8, 2007, in Charlottesville, Virginia), was a Canadian-American psychiatrist. He was the son of a Scottish lawyer, John Stevenson, a writer at heart who became chief correspondent in Ottawa, Canada for Times of London. Dr. Stevenson studied medicine at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and then transferred to McGill University, Montreal, Canada after the outbreak of World War II. His studies in internal medicine led to an interest in psychosomatic illness and then in psychiatry.

In 1957, Dr. Ian Stevenson, M.D. became the Director, Division of Personality Studies and Carlson Professor of Psychiatry, both a part of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. Dr. Stevenson's research into the possibility of reincarnation began in 1960 when he heard of a case in Sri Lanka where a child claimed to remember a past life. He thoroughly questioned the child and the child's parents, as well as the people whom the child claimed were his parents from his past life. This led to Dr. Stevenson's conviction that reincarnation was possibly a reality.

His Research Interests Included: Children Who Claim to Remember Previous Lives, Near-Death Experiences, Apparitions (death-bed visions), Telepathy, The Mind-Brain Problem, and Survival of the Human Personality After Death.

Dr. Ian Stevenson's Research:
Dr. Ian Stevenson, the world's best known investigator of reincarnation, conducted field research and studied over 3000 real cases in a span of 40 years about reincarnation, and meticulously documented the scientific proof along with testimonies for each case in India, Burma, Africa, Alaska, British Columbia, South America, Lebanon, Turkey, and many other places. The children studied usually started recalling their past life memories between the ages of two and four, yet seem to have forgotten it by seven or eight. There were frequent mentions of having died a violent death, and apparently clear past life memories of the mode of death. The description of the children’s memories has been matched with the data of their former identity, family, residence and manner of death. Birthmarks and scars on the children have been found to match the experiences from the past life. Stevenson also gathered testimonials as well as medical records of information on birthmarks, birth defects, and other physical evidence that supports reincarnation.

Dr. Ian Stevenson’s has devoted some 40 years of his career and his collection of scientific data that appears to provide scientific proof that reincarnation is real. Dr. Stevenson published over 200 articles and about 10 or more books, densely packed with scientific protocols of each occurrence accompanied with witnesses and testimonials surrounding each case. Instead of relying on hypnosis to verify that an individual has had a previous life, he instead chose to collect thousands of cases of children who spontaneously (without hypnosis) remembered a past life. Dr. Ian Stevenson used this approach because spontaneous past life memories in a child can be investigated using strict scientific protocols. Some skeptics say that Hypnosis, while useful in researching into past lives, is less reliable from a purely scientific perspective. Therefore, in order to collect his data, Dr. Stevenson methodically documented the child's own statements of a previous life. Then he identified the deceased person the child remembers being with, and verified the facts of the deceased person's life that match the child's past life memory. He even matched birthmarks and birth defects to wounds and scars on the deceased, verified by medical records.

Reincarnation: How Does a Case Unfold?
Typically a case begins when a child around the age of 3 without any kind of prompting begins to speak of a former life. The child will mention people and places that nobody in his/her family has heard about before and will, in certain cases, describe details of his/her former death. The child will be quite insistent in claiming to have a different name, and he/she will tell his astounded parents that he/she is, in fact, somebody else. He/she may also say that he/she has other parents or a wife/husband or children that live in a different city or even a different country. The child continues talking about it for several years, generally to the great annoyance of the parents. Finally the parents will be amazed to discover that it was all indeed a true case of reincarnation, and start treating the child as God-like.

Reincarnation: A Few Fascinating Stories

1. This is the best-documented and subsequently authenticated case of reincarnation. Lugdi Devi was born on January 18, 1902 in a town called Madhura, located 15 miles south of Delhi, India. On September 25, 1925, she gave birth to a child (a son) in a hospital in Agra, and died on October 4, 1925 due to birth complications. After 14 months on December 11, 1926, she reincarnated in Delhi into another family and was given the name Shanti Devi. At the age of four she started talking about her past life experiences, about her husband and asked how her son was doing. At six years old, while being dressed by her mother, she gave a detailed account of what kind of clothes she used to wear and what kind of food she used to eat in her previous life, and further provided a very detailed description of her former husband and the location of his clothes shop. Both families joined together and were able to verify the facts of this remarkable story of Shanti Devi. Her real-life story was published in a book: “I Have Lived Before: The True Story of Reincarnation of Shanti Devi.”

2. One 2-year-old boy in India was insistent that he didn't belong in the home of his parents, wanting instead to return to his own home, to his wife and brothers. He said he had a bread store. He even described the house and store. The parents put him in the car and followed his directions. Soon they arrived at a bread store the boy could not have known about. He ran to a woman he said she was his wife and greeted three grown men whom he said were his brothers. The parents discovered that the woman's husband – the men's brothers had been hit in the head and murdered two years earlier, shortly before the toddler was born. The boy also had a birthmark on the back of his head, which matched, with the deathblow of the baker.

3. From Stevenson's book "Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation" the case of Swarnlata can be the most breathetaking. Swarnlata was born in 1949 in Pradesh in India into a middle class family. She started to talk about a former life at the
age of three when one day her father was taking her for a ride and they passed the town of Katni, which was more than 100 miles from their home. Swarnlata suddenly pointed out the window and asked the chauffeur to turn down a street to "my house", where she said they could get a better cup of tea than on the highway. She told her father more than 50 facts about her life in Katni and the father made a note of these. She said that her name in the former life was Biya Pathak and that she had two sons. She described every detail of her home and how there was a railway behind her house. She said that she had died from a throat disease and was treated by a Dr. S.C. Bhabrat in Jabalpur. In 1959, when Swarnlata was 10 years old, news about the case reached Dr. Ian Stevenson and he initiated an investigation. He found the house where the Biya Pathak's family lived using only Swarnlata's description and he found everything just as Swarnlata had described it. He interviewed the Pathak's family and they informed him that Biya Pathak had died in 1939 and had left two sons and a husband. A few months later Biya's husband, her brother and one of her sons traveled to the town where Swarnlata lived in order to see her and test her memories. Swarnlata knew nothing about their arrival and they arrived at her house in the company of nine other persons and hid their identity. Swarnlata immediately recognized her (Biya's) brother and called him by his pet name. Afterwards she recognized her husband and behaved in a subservient manner as befitted a Hindu wife. She also recognized her son who had been 13 years old when she died. She reminded her husband that he had hidden money (1200 rupees) from Biya before she died and that the money had been in a particular box when he took it, which he confirmed to be true. A few weeks later Swarnlata visited her "former home" in Katni for the first time and she immediately commented on changes in the house and she identified the room where Biya had died. She revealed intimate details from the life of the family, she recognized old servants and commented in a good-humored way on how things had changed during the last 20 years. She had no knowledge of events after 1939.

Swarnlata's story is so well documented that it clearly points to her being the reincarnation of Biya Pathak. Dr. Ian Stevenson investigated the case and came to a conclusion that Swarnlata had no way of knowing the intimate details she revealed about Biya. She had never been to Katni in her life.  Dr. Iam Stevenson verified with certainty that Swarnlata had no knowledge about the Pathak family. Yet she knew their most intimate secrets and a large number of details about their life. This strongly suggests that reincarnation indeed took place.

There were thousands, or even millions, of these cases in India alone and many of them were left unnoticed and undocumented.

Some Miraculous Discoveries of Dr. Ian Stevenson:
State Between Incarnations: Dr. Michael Newton termed it the “Life-Between-Lives” while Dr. Brian Weiss termed it the “Space-Between-Lives” and the Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Joel Whitting termed it the "State of Bardo" or the "Life-Between-Life" or the "Between-Life State" or the "State of Metaconsciousness" or the "Interstate" or the "Next World" or the "State Between Incarnations."  Dr. Ian Stevenson however chose the term carefully and termed it the "State of Intermission.”

Reincarnation Proof: From his extensive research findings, Dr. Ian Stevenson found that many of his subjects in Thailand claimed that they had seen their physical bodies, while floating above, and had observed their own funeral rites (similar to the findings of Dr. Raymond Moody). 

Many also described being greeted in the "next world" by a man-in-white or being-of-light (similar to the findings of Dr. Raymond Moody), and were offered the fruit of forgetfulness before rebirth. Eating this fruit would erase the memories of the previous life and; several other subjects further claimed that their past-life recollections were preserved only because they had managed to evade the tempting offer.

Elsewhere some of Dr. Ian Stevenson’s subjects recalled that their previous physical bodies were cremated while some others claimed that the cremations of the physical bodies of their previous lives were directed to the home of their future birth.

One subject even maintained that he had flitted through the air and rested on the tops of tree between his death in 1928 and his rebirth in 1947.

A relatively more fascinating feature of Dr. Ian Stevenson’s casework is "the announcing dream" in which a mother-to-be, usually before conception, learns someone she already knew (maybe one of her dead relatives) would be reborn in her womb. This dream supposedly represents direct contact with the personality’s disembodied awareness and would oftentimes dictate a choice of name for the child to be born.

Occasionally some subjects of Dr. Ian Stevenson claimed to remember appearing to their future mothers while in a transitional state between incarnations.


The Crossing Over Phase

About half of the 200 subjects studied by Dr. Ian Stevenson said that they didn’t go directly to heaven but had to wait in another place first, which corresponds to the cross over phase or state of intermission before entering the real heaven. There they reportedly had to make decisions about their next lifetime, choosing a new family and parents for their next life, and facing new challenges in the future life.  As one girl put it: “HEAVEN ISN’T EASY. YOU HAVE TO WORK THERE.” 


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Dr. Ian Stevenson Books from Amazon.com
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List prices are already discounted up to 45%




1. Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation (Paperback)
Author: Ian Stevenson

List Price: $45.00  Price: $36.00

2. Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation: Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged   Author: Ian Stevenson
List Price: $29.95  Price: $29.95

3. European Cases of the Reincarnation Type (Hardcover)     Author: Ian Stevenson
List Price: $75.00  Price: $60.00




4. Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect    Author: Ian Stevenson
List Price: $125.00  Price: $125.00

5. Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects Volume   Author: Ian Stevenson 
List Price: $175.00  Price: $175.00

6. Ordered to Return:  My Life After Dying
Authors: George G. Ritchie and Ian Stevenson
List Price: $14.95  Price: $13.46


Very Important Book


7. Claims of Reincarnation: An Empirical Study of Cases in India (Over two decades, she has researched over 500 cases). Author: Satwant Pasricha  (Asst to Dr. Ian Stevenson)  
Price: $53.72

8. I Have Lived Before:  The True Story of the Reincarnation of Shanti Devi (Paperback) 
Author: Sture Lonnerstrand

List Price: $14.00  Price: $14.00

9. Life Before Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children's Memories of Previous Lives  Author: Jim Tucker (worked with Dr. Ian Stevenson)
List Price: $23.95  Price: $16.05


Other Books on Reincarnation
from Amazon.com

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 Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce


 Reincarnation Stories


 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud


 Reincarnation and Karma


 Reincarnation and Past Lives




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We thank Dr. RK for contributing his time and effort
in preparing this review
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   West         How to Understand God        East    
( Western Viewpoint  Part II )   

Dr. Raymond Moody's Research
Near Death Experience (NDE) & Life After Life

Biography of Dr. Raymond Moody:
Dr. Raymond Moody, BA, MA, PhD (philosophy), PhD (psychology), MD

Dr. Raymond Moody was born on June 30, 1944 in Porterdale, Georgia state. He is a scholar and a joyful soul. Dr. Raymond Moody is a researcher, psychiatrist, philosopher and parapsychiologist, who pioneered research into Near Death Experience (NDE). He is most famous as an author of the books about Life After Death and Near-Death Experience, a term which he coined in 1975. He first attained widespread recognition in around 1977 with the publication Life After Life, his best-selling work on the Near-Death Experience (NDE). Prior to this book being published, almost no one had heard about the near death experience. He has pursued this subject in his subsequent works Reflections on Life After Life, The Light Beyond and other books.

Raymond Moody studied philosophy at the University of Virginia where he obtained a B.A. (1966), a M.A. (1967) and a PhD (1969) in the same subject philosophy. He also obtained another PhD in psychology from West Georgia College, Georgia, where he later became a professor in that topic. In 1976, he was awarded an M.D. from the Medical College of Georgia. In 1998 Moody was appointed Chair in Consciousness Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After obtaining his M.D., Moody worked as a forensic psychiatrist in a maximum-security Georgia state hospital. Moody has been married three times. As of 2004, he is married to Cheryl, and they have one adopted son, Carter, and one adopted daughter, Carol Anne.

Dr. Moody, being an impassioned researcher, became interested in the phenomenon of near-death experiences during his medical training. After 25 years of working with the people who had NDE, Dr. Moody's book Life After Death details both the distressing signs and symptoms of the grieving process and the inspiring, transformational experiences that grief can bring about.

Since that time, Dr. Moody has written over eleven books and numerous articles in academic and professional literature about the subject NDE and created the Dr. John Dee Memorial Theater of the Mind, a facility that enables people to experience altered states of consciousness for the purposes of education, entertainment and spiritual advancement. His research helped facilitating apparitions of deceased loved ones.

1. In 1988, Dr. Moody received the World Humanitarian Award in Denmark ,
2. In 1988, Dr. Moody also received a bronze medal in the Human Relations Category at the New York Film Festival for the movie version of Life after Life.

Near Death Experience (NDE) is Very Common in USA
In 1982 the Gallup polling organization discovered that 8 Million Adult Americans have had near death experiences. This is about one person in twenty, which a very large number that cannot be ignored or brushed off lightly. In 1997 the U.S. News & World Report survey found that over 15 Million Adult Americans have claimed to have had an NDE. Most people do not talk freely about their experiences for fear of ridicule.

Dr. Moody recorded, compared and analyzed the cases of well over 150 subjects who claimed to have had a NDE. Dr. Moore's research concluded that there are about 9 or 10 stages in which a person experiences a strange phenomenon called NDE after being found clinically dead for a number of minutes, or in some extreme cases a number of hours, and then returned to physical life. All of them who had a NDE reported that they felt extreme peace and happiness in virtually every instance. They also reported that they no longer have any fear of death. Incredibly though it may seem, a great many of these people had seen and experienced the same or very similar events during the period that they were clinically dead.


BACKCOVER OF THE BOOK “Life After Life" Published in 1977

A man is dying on his hospital bed. He hears himself “pronounced dead” by his doctor and nurses, as his heart stopped functioning and the brain’s electrical activity monitor (EEG) goes absolutely flat. He begins to hear an uncomfortable noise, a loud ringing or buzzing, and at the same time feels himself moving very rapidly through a long tunnel. After this, he suddenly finds himself outside of his own physical body, but still in the immediate physical environment, and he sees his own body from a distance, as though he is a spectator. He watches the resuscitation attempt from this unusual vantage point and is in a state of emotional upheaval.

After a while, he collects himself and becomes more accustomed to his surroundings. He notices that he still has a “body,” but one of a very different nature and with very different powers from the physical body he has left behind. Soon other things begin to happen. Other spirits come to meet and help him. He glimpses the spirits of relatives and friends who have already died, and a loving, warm spirit of a kind he has never encountered before—a Being of Light—appears before him. He is overwhelmed by the intense feelings of joy, love, and peace being transmitted by the Being of Light. The Being of Light asks him a question, nonverbally, to make him evaluate his life (life review) and helps him along by showing him a panoramic, instantaneous playback of the major events of his life (He sees his entire life from childhood till now like in a movie reel). At some point, he finds himself approaching some sort of barrier or border, apparently representing the limit between earthy life and the next life. Yet, he finds that that he must go back to the Earth, that the time for his death has not yet come. At this point he resists, for by now he is taken up with his experiences in the afterlife and does not want to return. He is overwhelmed by the intense feelings of joy, love, and peace. Despite his attitude, though, he reunites with his physical body and lives.

Later he tries to tell others about his Near Death Experience (NDE), but he has trouble doing so. In the first place, he can find no human words adequately to describe these unearthly episodes. In the second place, nobody would listen to him and pay attention to his highly remarkable experience. He also finds that others could scoff, and make fun about it, so he stops telling other people about his NDE. Still that experience affects his life profoundly, especially his views about death and its relationship to life.

His life changes forever, he becomes a changed man. He starts researching about NDE and becoming a religious guru or philosopher of some sort. He gains confidence on what would happen when he is really dead as the secret is just revealed to him. He even writes a best-selling book. He has no fear of death anymore, as he envisioned his destiny.


According to Dr. Raymond Moody's research there are about 9 or 10 stages in which a person experiences a strange phenomenon called NDE after being found clinically dead:

1. Floating Above the Body
At the point of physical death (clinically dead), the individuals found themselves floating above their physical bodies immersed in feelings of total peace and the absence of fear. Each deceased person found that he/she could hear the thoughts of those present and discovered that they could also move through walls and solid matter with great ease.

2. Passing Through The Tunnel
In about 40% of cases a tunnel appeared towards which they were drawn. They heard an uncomfortable and loud ringing or buzzing noise. They found themselves quickly moving through this tunnel often accompanied by a humming sensation.

3. The Light
As they move through this tunnel all individuals noticed that a light was getting closer to them and soon they found themselves arriving into this brilliant light.

4. Meeting Deceased Loved Ones
At this point many people reported meeting with deceased loved ones (relatives and friends). Occasionally some people saw cities of light that were more beautiful than anything we can imagine in physical reality.

5. Telepathic Communication
During this experience each individual discovered that they could communicate with others telepathically that results in immediate understanding, no language necessary.

6. The Being of Light
Most people then reported meeting a radiant being. Some believed this radiant being is God while others say He was Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, etc. It seemed that each person translated this being according to their own religious beliefs. Whoever this being actually was, He was full of love, compassion and understanding. Usually at this point the Being told the individual that they must return to physical life. However, before the person returned, they were shown a review of their physical lifetime like a movie reel.

7. The Life Review
This life review started at the person's birth and continued through their lifetime to the point at which they died. This panoramic life review did not occur in time, as we know it. People have described it as everything happening at the same time, but also occurring chronologically from the time of birth through childhood, adolescence and adult years right up to the point of their death. In this review the persons found themselves reliving all that they have done during their life. The individual not only saw every action that they have made in life but they also saw and felt the effects of their actions upon the lives of others.

8. No Judgment
In virtually every case the individual believed that they were actually judging themselves and what they have done during life. They feel great sadness during the parts of the review where their actions had hurt other people, but they also felt great joy for the actions that had made others happiness.

9. Reluctance to Return to the Physical Body
Once the life review was complete, the Being of light told the person that they must now return to physical life as they still have things to achieve before they can return to this wondrous place. Most people say that at this point they feel great reluctance to return as it would mean having to leave this rapturous and wonderful state of being.

10. Time Does not Exist
People who had near-death experiences always said that time in this state of being was either greatly compressed or does not exist at all. Some say that the experience could have lasted a second or even an eternity. In other words, it cannot be described in the normal language in which we understand time.

Dr. Raymond Moody’s Most Favorite Finding
Dr. Raymond Moody Said that The Most Incredible Thing in NDEs that He Studied Was the Encounter of the Being of Light. Almost All 150 Subjects of Dr. Raymond Moody Reported the Encounter of the Being of Light Immediately After the Crossover of the Tunnel. Typically the First Appearance Was Rather Dim Light, Which Rapidly Got Brighter and Brighter. The Individual Felt Some Sort of Unearthly Brilliance of Clear White Color. The Brilliancy of the Light Was Felt To be Indescribable, Yet It Did Not in Anyway Hurt the Eyes, Probably Because at this Point Onwards, the Individual Did Not Have Physical Eyes to be Dazzled, and Was Able to See and Enjoy the Other Activities or Things Around that Bright Light. Every Subject/Individual Witnessed That It Was Not Simply a Bright Light or a Thing But Was Certainly the Being of Light—Many Believed Wholeheartedly the Presence of God. The Subjects Reported that They Sensed an Irresistible Magnetic Attraction Towards the Superiority of the Being of Light, and the Attention of Every Subject Studied is Ineluctably Drawn to the Powerful Being of Light.

The First Thing That The Being of Light Said to Every Subject/Individual Was: “What Have You Done So Far In Your Life and What Could You Show Me.”

NDEs of Dr. Raymond Moody's Subjects
Example 1: I heard the doctors say that I was dead, and that's when I began to feel as though I were floating through the blackness. Everything was very black, except I could see a light on the exit. It was a very, very brilliant light, but not too large at first. It grew larger as I came nearer and nearer to it.

I was trying to get to that light at the end, because I felt that it was Christ, and I was trying to reach that point. It was not a frightening experience. It was more or less a pleasant thing. For immediately, being a Christian, I had connected the light with Christ, who said, "I am the light of the world." I said to myself, "If this is it, if I am to die, then I know who waits for me at the end, there in that light."

Example 2: I got up and walked into the hall to go get a drink, and it was at that point, as they found out later, that my appendix ruptured. I became very weak, and I fell down. I began to feel a sort of drifting, a movement of my real being in and out of my body, and to hear beautiful music. I floated on down the hall and out the door onto the screened-in porch. There, it almost seemed that clouds, a pink mist really, began to gather around me, and then I floated right straight on through the screen, just as though it weren't there, and up into this pure crystal clear light, an illuminating white light. It was beautiful and so bright, so radiant, but it didn't hurt my eyes even a bit. It's not any kind of light you can describe on Earth. I didn't actually see a person in this light, and yet it has a special identity, it definitely does. It is a light of perfect understanding and perfect love.

The thought came to my mind, "Lovest thou me?" This was not exactly in the form of a question, but I guess the connotation of what the light said was, "If you do love me, go back and complete what you began in your life." And all during this time, I felt as though I were surrounded by an overwhelming love and compassion.

Example 3: I knew I was dying and that there was nothing I could do about it, because no one could hear me. I was out of my body, there's no doubt about it, because I could see my own body there on the operation room table. My soul was out! All this made me feel very bad at first, but then, this really bright light came into my sight. It did seem that it was a little dim at first, but then it was this huge beam. It was just a tremendous amount of light, nothing like a big bright flashlight, it was just too much light. And it gave off heat to me; I felt a warm sensation.
It was a bright yellowish white, more white. It was tremendously bright; I just can't describe it. It seemed that it covered everything, yet it didn't prevent me from seeing everything around me - the operating room, the doctors and nurses, everything. I could see clearly, and it wasn't blinding me at all.

At first, when the light came, I wasn't sure what was happening, but then, it asked, it kind of asked me if I was ready to die. It was like talking to a person, but a person wasn't there. The light's what was talking to me, but in a voice. Now, I think that the voice that was talking to me actually realized that I wasn't ready to die. You know, it was just kind of testing me more than anything else. Yet, from the moment the light spoke to me, I felt really good - secure and loved. The love which came from it is just unimaginable, indescribable. It was a fun person to be with! And it had a sense of humor, too - definitely!


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Books of Dr. Raymond Moody from Amazon.com
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List prices are already discounted up to 45%




1. Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon—Survival of Bodily Death  Author: Raymond Moody, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross   List Price: $14.00  Price: $11.20

2. The Light Beyond (Mass Market Paperback)
Author: Raymond Moody

List Price: $7.99  Price: $7.99

3. Through the Tunnel and Beyond, VHS Tape (2000)Starring: Raymond Moody
Used Price: $10.70




4. Coming Back - A Psychiatrist Explores Past-Life Journeys (Mass Market Paperback) Author: Raymond Moody
Price: $0.01

5. Coming Back: A Psychiatrist Explores Past-Life Journeys  Authors: Raymond A. Moody and Paul Perry   Price: $0.48


6. Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones  Authors: Raymond Moody and Paul Perry
List Price: $6.99  Price: $6.99




7. Life After Loss: Conquering Grief And Finding Ho  Authors: Raymond A. Moody and Dianne Arcangel
List Price: $23.00  Price: $23.00

8. The Last Laugh: A New Philosophy of Near-Death Experiences, Apparitions, and the Paranorma Author: Raymond A. Moody
List Price: $12.95  Price: $10.36

9. Reflections On Life After Life: More Important Discoveries In The Ongoing Investigation Of Survival Of Life After Bodily Death  Author: Raymond Moody
Price: $0.01


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Real Stories of Near Death Experiences (NDE)
Amazingly Groundbreaking Details of Heaven Revealed!


             1. Story of Dr. Eben Alexander
Dr. Eben Alexander has been an academic neurosurgeon for the last 25 years. Over those years he personally dealt with hundreds of patients suffering from severe alterations in their level of consciousness. Dr. Alexander “knew” that what people of faith call the “soul” is really a product of brain chemistry.

In the predawn hours of November 10, 2008, Dr. Alexander himself became a comatose patient. For seven days Alexander lay in a hospital bed in a deep coma. Then, as his doctors weighed the possibility of stopping treatment, Alexander’s eyes popped open. Alexander’s recovery is by all accounts a medical miracle. But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere. While his body lay in coma, Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super-physical existence. There he met, and spoke with, the Divine Source of the Universe itself. Before Alexander underwent his journey, he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven, God, or the soul. That difficulty with belief created an empty space that no professional triumph could erase. Today he is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition.

After having the NDE, he wrote the book "Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven."


              2. Breathtaking Story of Dr. Mary Neal
Dr. Mary Neal is a board-certified orthopaedic spine surgeon, born and raised in Michigan and graduated from the University of Kentucky before attending the UCLA medical school. On Jan 14, 1999, Dr. Mary Neal drowned and died while kayaking on a South American river in Chile. When her Kayak was pinned and trapped underwater for 12 minutes, another Kayaker brought her to the shore, and noticed no breath or heartbeat for more than 24 minutes.  Neal was able to be resuscitated and remarkably suffered no brain damage. When Neal regained consciousness, she said she had been to heaven. She experienced life after death. She went to heaven and returned back, conversed with Jesus and experienced God’s encompassing love. She was returned to Earth with some specific instructions for work she still needed to do.

Mary Neal said that during her NDE in heaven, she saw some spiritual beings in a domed-structure. They had a sort of physical form, they had heads, arms, legs and were wearing sort of robes. They were all overjoyed to see Mary Neal and told her it 'wasn't her time' and was forewarned of her son's tragic death at an early age. This fortune-telling of spiritual beings in heaven was verified by Mary Neal as it became a reality in her own life. Mary Neal's 19-year-old son, Willie, when he was roller skiing, died 10 years later when a driver, distracted by his cell phone, struck him with his vehicle and killed him. Her life has been filled with miracles and intervention of God. Her story gives reason to live by faith and is a story of hope.
Dr. Mary C. Neal After NDE, Believes the Following:  God's unconditional love for each of us is intense, complete, and is reflected in all of Heaven. Before we return to Heaven, our real home, we have an incredible opportunity on Earth to face challenges that will help us learn, grow and to become more Christ-like in the fruits of our spirit. Our time is so short that we need to live fulfilling God's business every day. After having the NDE, she wrote the book:  "Mary C. Neal: To Heaven and Back."


              3. Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, 
                  God's Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You

Imagine Heaven of John Burke is so thoroughly researched that even a skeptic can see that Burke has thought of every angle. He's researched near death experiences (NDEs) from all sorts of people: those who have nothing to gain and a lot of credibility to lose (e.g., doctors), those from other faiths, those with disabilities here who have no disabilities in heaven, and those who had negative experiences after dying.

All of us long to know what life after death will be like. Bestselling author "John Burke" is no exception. In Imagine Heaven, Burke compares over 100 gripping stories of near-death experiences (NDEs) to what Scripture says about our biggest questions of Heaven: Will I be myself? Will I see friends and loved ones? What will Heaven look like? What is God like? What will we do forever? What about children and pets? 

For decades, Burke has been studying accounts of survivors brought back from near death who lived to tell of both heavenly and hellish experiences. While not every detail of individual NDEs correlate with Scripture, Burke shows how the common experiences shared by thousands of survivors--including doctors, college professors, bank presidents, people of all ages and cultures, and even blind people--point to the exhilarating picture of Heaven promised in the Bible.

This thrilling journey into the afterlife will make you feel like you've been there. It will forever change the way you view the life to come and the way you live your life today. You'll discover Heaven is e
ven more amazing than you've ever imagined. His book is: John Burke: Imagine Heaven



              4. NDE of Pam Reynolds in 1991

This near-death experience claim of Pam Reynolds (an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia) in 1991 at the age of 35 during a brain surgery has been considered by some believers to be evidence of the survival of consciousness after death, and of a life after death.

Her experience is one of the most widely documented.  Reynolds was under close medical monitoring during the entire operation. During the operation she had no brain-wave activity and no blood flowing in her brain, which rendered her clinically dead. She claimed to have made several observations during the procedure which later medical personnel reported to be accurate.

Reynolds reported that during the operation she heard a sound like a natural 'D' that seemed to pull her out of her body and allowed her to "float" above the operating room and watch the doctors perform the operation. Reynolds claims that during this time she felt "more aware than normal" and her vision was more focused and clearer than normal vision. Reynolds says she was able to identify surgical instruments and hear conversations between operating room staff.

Pam Reynolds claimed that during her near death experience, she encountered her grandmother, an uncle, other deceased relatives and people unknown to her. According to Reynolds, the longer she was there, the more she enjoyed it, but at some point in time she was reminded by her relatives that that she had to go back. She says her uncle brought her back to her body but she didn't want to go so he pushed her in accompanied by a sensation like that of jumping into ice water.



                5. Story of Anita Moorjani
Anita Moorjani was born in Singapore of Indian parents, moved to Hong Kong at the age of two, and has lived in Hong Kong most of her life. Because of her background and British education, she is multilingual and grew up speaking English, Cantonese, and an Indian dialect simultaneously; she later learned French at school. Anita had been working in the corporate world for many years before being diagnosed with cancer in April 2002. Her fascinating and moving near-death experience in early 2006 tremendously changed her perspective on life, and her work is now ingrained with the depths and insights she gained while in the other realm.

She had been a cancer patient for a long time. After the NDE,  her cancer disappeared.  She was aware that all the tests would show phenomenal results, and they did.  They found no trace of any disease on scans, biopsies, etc.  Her organs after NDE are functioning normally, her appetite came back, and she was made aware during the NDE that all of this would happen. After having the NDE, she wrote the book "Dying to Be Me."



                 6. Story of Ben Breedlove
Ben Breedlove, 18, died on Christmas night (December 25, 2011) from a heart attack. He had three near-death experiences over the course of his 18 years short life. Just before he died in 2011, he recorded a video of his life, his illness and near-death experiences. CBS News reports that Breedlove was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) early in his life. HCM causes the heart walls to thicken, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood. In the first part of his video, entitled "This Is My Story," uploaded on December 18, 2011, a few days before he died, the teenager told his story holding up cards one by one with words written in blue marker. The first card says: "Hello, I'm Ben Breedlove. All my life I've had a heart condition."

He tells of his first near-death experience at the age of four: "The first time I cheated death was when I was four." He says he saw a bright light during his near-death state: "I couldn't take my eyes off it, and I couldn't help but smile. I had no worries at all, like nothing else in the world mattered." After he died, his story was published in a book entitled "When Will The Heaven Begin?"


              7. Story of Rev. George Rodonaia
Pronounced dead immediately after he was hit by a car in 1976 while trying to leave the URSS, Reverend George Rodonaia was left for three days in the morgue. He did not "return to life" until a doctor began to make an incision in his abdomen as part of an autopsy procedure. Prior to his NDE he worked as a neuropathologist. He was also an avowed atheist. However, after the experience he devoted himself exclusively to the study of spirituality, taking a second doctorate in the psychology of religion. He then became an ordained priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church. He served as a pastor at the St. Paul United Methodist Church in Baytown, Texas.

At this point, Reverend George Rodonaia held an M.D. and a Ph.D. in neuropathology and a Ph.D. in the psychology of religion. He delivered a keynote address to the United Nations on the "Emerging Global Spirituality." Before emigrating to the USA from the Soviet Union in 1989, he worked as a research psychiatrist at the University of Moscow.
He died in 2004.
Dr. Rodonaia's NDE was published in a book
The Journey Home.


              8. Story of Rev. Don Piper
In 1989, Reverend Don Piper of Pasadena, California was travelling in a car when it was crushed by an 18-wheeler in a head-on crash. Paramedics declared him dead. He was without a pulse, he says, for 90 minutes.  "The steering wheel impaled me in the chest and then the car's roof collapsed on my head so there's just no way you could survive this accident," he said.

However, he says that the experience he had before rejoining the living could not be explained as anything other than life after death or NDE. He says he remembers music that was "beyond spectacular'" and aromas that he'd never smelled before. His grandfather was there to greet him alongside several other relatives who had died before him. They all stood in front of a magnificent gate with lights that were "pulsating with life," he said.

Mr. Piper, who endured dozens of surgeries to fix his bones, had to learn to walk again. A True Story of Death and Life. He believes he was sent back to spread the message that "heaven is a real place." His NDE, the trauma he suffered in the car accident, and his miraculous recovery was published in a book,The New York Times best-seller,
entitled "90 Minutes in Heaven."


            9. Story of a 4-Year-Old Boy "Colton"
Colton Burpo was a 4-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor. After discovering that Colton's appendix had ruptured, in 2003, he was rushed to the hospital. During emergency surgery, the 4-year-old Colton slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to float above the operating table and look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn't know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear.

The boy alleges to have met Jesus, God, his great-grandfather, whom he had never met, and his older sister who was lost in a miscarriage but nobody had told him about it. Colton also made other extra-biblical claims that he personally met "Jesus" riding a rainbow-colored horse while he was sitting in Jesus' lap and the angels sang songs to him. He also says that he saw the Virgin Mary kneeling before the throne of God and, at other times, standing beside Jesus.  Colton’s amazing NDE and his trip to heaven was described in The New York Times best-selling Christian book
"Heaven is for Real (2010).”



              10. Oldest NDE On Record by Plato
Plato's Republic is the Oldest NDE on Record, written by the famed Greek philosopher Plato in 380 BC. Plato's 'Republic' is one of the most important works of ancient Greek philosophy, and one of the foundation pieces of political science and political philosophy of that and subsequent ages.

Although it's called the "Myth of Er", the word "myth" in this case means "word, speech, account," rather than the modern meaning. The story begins as a man named Er dies in battle. Ten days later, when the bodies of those who died in the battle are collected, Er's body has not decomposed. Two days later he revives on his funeral-pyre and tells others of his journey into the afterlife, including an account of reincarnation and the celestial spheres of the astral plane. The tale introduces the idea that moral people are rewarded and immoral people are punished after death. The story includes an account of the cosmos and the afterlife that greatly influenced religious, philosophical, and scientific thought for many centuries. Plato was not only a great philosopher, but also a great writer.



                11. Story of Crystal McVea

For most of Crystal’s broken life, she felt utterly beyond the reach of God, and never had any faith in God and was a serious skeptic. Suddenly on December 10, 2009, everything changed, Crystal McVea, a thirty-two-year-old mother of four, stopped breathing. Her face turned a dark shade of blue, then black. Her mother screamed for help, and a nurse tried to revive her. For nine minutes she was unconscious and unable to breathe on her own. She has no memory of the panic and the rushing nurses and the loud cries of “Code Blue.” She simply remembers drifting off, and she remembers waking up all of a sudden in heaven.

Her book
Waking Up in Heaven invites readers along on a journey to witness the relentless pursuit of God in a life that was shattered and seemingly beyond hope, an awe-inspiring account of love, forgiveness, and redemption, and the healing power of God’s presence. And that is why I want to share my story with the world. Because I was a skeptic and a sinner, and I didn’t believe in God or in heaven. But God is real. Heaven is real. And God’s love for us is the realest thing of all.


                12. Story of Marvin Besteman
On April 28, 2006, as he lay in his hospital bed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, visions of celestial beauty were the last thing on Marv Besteman's mind. He had just had surgery to remove a rare pancreatic tumor. It was after visiting hours and his family had left for the day. Alone and racked with pain, Marv tossed and turned, wanting more than anything else to simply sleep and escape the misery and discomfort for a while. The retired banker, father, and grandfather had no idea he was about to get a short reprieve in the form of a Near Death Experience he never could have imagined.

In his astounding NDE, Marv Besteman encountered angels who accompanied him to the gate, his conversation (argument, really) with St. Peter, and his recognition of friends and family members who touched his life. His story offers peace, comfort, and encouragement to those who have lost loved ones and gives security and solace to those who are grieving, dying, or wonder about the afterlife. Marv believed God sent him back to earth to complete and fulfill this mission. However Marv returned to heaven in January 2012. He was born in 1934.

His NDE is described in the book "
Marv Besteman: My Journey to Heaven."


                    13. God & Heaven Exist: NDEs Are The Evidence
Reports of near-death experiences (NDEs) are flooding the media with books, articles and interviews. People describe hovering over their bodies, details of their surgeries, talking with deceased relatives, and reviewing their lives in vivid detail, often while their brains should be incapable of producing rational thought or memories.

While the accounts are no doubt interesting, do they provide any solid evidence for the afterlife and the existence of God? Miller (the author) argues, in nontechnical and engaging prose, that it does indeed. He began his study doubting that NDEs provided such evidence, but found himself convinced by the weight of the evidence. In the multiple award-winning book, the reader will explore: The common naturalistic explanations for NDEs, Evidence that NDEs point to God and heaven, and The results of 35 years of research into NDEs by doctors and other professionals, fully documented for those who want to study further.

Miller's Book:
Near-Death Experiences as Evidence for the Existence of God and Heaven



                    14. Near Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story
"Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story” is written by one of the foremost near-death experience researchers, P.M.H Atwater. This book is a treasure trove of over 30 years of her research. The book is well written and remarkably easy to read given its comprehensiveness. In a world rife with uncertainty and struggles, P.M.H.'s Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story provides priceless insights, soothing reassurance, and life-changing inspiration.

Real-life stories of out-of-body experiences, encountering a special light, greeters from the afterlife, life reviews, tunnels, and 360-degree vision--are all part of this intriguing look at near-death experiences (NDEs) by one of the world's noted authorities, P.M.H. Atwater. Atwater shares her amazing findings, based on her sessions with more than 4,000 adults and children, and over 40 years of research; a breathtaking culmination to a successful and controversial career.

This review of over 3,000 NDE cases belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in the survival of consciousness. The inescapable conclusion of her intensive study is in keeping the conclusion that "always there is life."



                15. Return From Heaven:
            Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within The Family

What if you could see and recognize a loved one reincarnated into your own family and you recognized him/her from the birth marks or characteristics of his/her habits, mannerism and/or behavior. What if you knew that your loved one already passed away to heaven, but is actually living again with a new body within your own family. It is possible, says Carol Bowman, author of Children’s Past Lives and a pioneer in reincarnation studies.

Based on in-depth research and direct observation of very young children, she shows in this groundbreaking book how common it is for beloved relatives to reincarnate into the same family. Typical families share how their children -- some as young as two and still in diapers -- speak spontaneously of intimate details from the lives of a family member they never knew. These true stories shed new light on age-old questions of family relationships: Do we choose our parents? What relationships survive death? What happens to the soul after a miscarriage or abortion?
Bowman offers hope for anyone who has lost a beloved relative and longs to be reunited again. For more details, read the book from Carol Bownan:

Return From Heaven: Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family



                    16. Near Death Experience of Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor was interviewed by Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live and also by ABC News. Famous actress Elizabeth Taylor spoke about her experience of dying on the operating table while undergoing surgery, and of passing through a tunnel towards a brilliant white light (White Sun she said).Ms Taylor said that while she was pronounced clinically dead, she had encountered the spirit of her third ex-husband Michael Todd who was killed in a plane crash in 1958, whom she referred to as her great love. She finds it very hard to talk about, actually, because it sounds so corny. It happened in the late '50s. She had wanted to stay with Todd, she said, but he had told her that she should get back to her life as she had work and life ahead of her, and she insisted that her ex-husband pushed her to go back. Following her resuscitation, the eleven-person medical team, including doctors, nurses, others, witnessed Ms. Taylor's testimonial of this event.

She'd been gone into NDE for about five minutes. The medical team had given up any hope, declared her dead and put her death notice on the wall. She shared this with people that were in the next room. Then after that she told another group of friends, and sounded "Wow" or really screwy. She then realized that she'd better keep quiet about telling NDE story to others.


                      Elizabeth Taylor's Interview with Oprah Winfrey (about her NDE)
                      Elizabeth Taylor's Interview with TV Anchor Diane Sawyer (about her NDE)



                  17. Science and the Afterlife Experience:  
                         Evidence for the Immortality of Consciousness
The author "Chris Carter" of this book “Science and The Afterlife Experience” examines 125 years of scientific research into reincarnation, apparitions, and communication with the dead showing these phenomena are real.
Reveals the existence of higher planes of consciousness where the souls of the dead can choose to advance or manifest once again on Earth. Explains how these findings have been ignored and denied because they are incompatible with materialist doctrines.

“Scientists and philosophers who have seriously studied the phenomenon of mediumship have concluded that there are only two hypotheses that, if true, would account for all the observed empirical data: either (i) human consciousness survives the death of its body or (ii) human consciousness possesses extraordinary abilities known as super–ESP. In Science and the Afterlife Experience, Chris Carter presents the data supporting survival with remarkable clarity and shows that the so–called “super–ESP” hypothesis is pseudo–science, and that its “purpose” is not to advance knowledge but rather to block an otherwise straight–forward inference from empirical data to the hypothesis of survival.


               18. The Science of Life After Death:
                              New Research Shows Human Consciousness Lives On
A lengthy and exhaustive study by the University of Virginia Medical School clearly indicates consciousness continues after death in at least some cases, if not all. This particular study, begun in 1961 and continuing today. Over the years, more than 2600 of the cases were investigated. Many children claimed to have been in previous lives. Birthmarks and birth defects found on these children, such as missing fingers, hands or limbs, also frequently have been found to correspond to fatal wounds received in the previous life as recorded in autopsy reports.

Research by the Windbridge Institute strongly indicates it may be possible for living loved ones to get in touch with deceased loved ones.
Stephen Martin invites the reader into his book to learn more about the life after death phenomenon. However this book requires an open mind. There are many theories presented that are not popular, while others are widely popular. There is discussion of ESP, Out of Body Experiences (OBE), use of mediums to connect with those who have gone on, and more.

Stephen Hawley Martin: The Science of Life After Death: New Research Shows Human Consciousness Lives On


               19. The Handbook of Near-Death
                     Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation

Experts from around the world share the history and current state of near-death experience (NDE) knowledge. They explore controversies in the field, offer stories from their research, and express their hopes for the future of investigation into this fascinating phenomenon.

As modern medical techniques for resuscitation advance, NDEs are more frequently reported. These include more than the popular notions of moving through a tunnel, seeing a light, meeting deceased relatives greeting, and conversing with God. They also include people, once revived, knowing things their knowledge of which can't currently be explained. As The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences: Thirty Years of Investigation makes clear, great controversy exists in the medical and psychological fields concerning NDEs. Are they caused by physiological changes in the brain, or are they biological reactions to oxygen loss or impending death? Are they a product of changing states of consciousness? Or are they caused by something else altogether? All of these ideas and more are discussed in this unique and comprehensive volume, "The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences."



                 20. Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences,
                               Eternal Consciousness, Religion, and the Human Soul
William Joseph Bray, creates this book around the double-slit experiment that proved that matter and energy can display characteristics of both waves and particles. The light (wave) when measured, collapses into particle (photon), which is the same than saying that consciousness would be like the light-wave eternal infinite that by observing, collapses into finite particles. Matter would only exist when observed by consciousness, while consciousness remains everywhere, at all times, infinite and eternal. This is derived from a proven experiment made by precise physics. That is why when we are confined to the collapsed finite universe, which we observe from our consciousness, we live with limited perceptions in measured time and space. But when we abandon the collapsed universe and return to our infinite eternal consciousness, past, present and future are simultaneous but not subsequent.

The author knows this because he lived it, through his many near-death experiences.
So we have here a unique opportunity to be in touch with a physicist, who at the sametime has "traveled" to the "other world" and returned, to offer us his experience, and analyze it with his knowledge as a physicist and scientist. He also teaches us methods of his design to heal.

                       His book:
Quantum Physics, Near Death Experiences


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Dr. Kenneth Ring's Research
Near Death Experience (NDE)

Biography of Dr. Kenneth Ring:
Kenneth Ring, PhD is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Connecticut and co-founder and Past President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). He is one of the world's chief authorities on near-death experiences. He was the first to offer scientific validation for these remarkable experiences after they had been anecdotally described by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross and Raymond Moody. Dr. Ring is also the author of several books about near-death experiences including Life at Death (1980), Heading Toward Omega (1984), The Omega Project (1992), and most recently, Lessons from the Light and (with Sharon Cooper) the forthcoming Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind. Kenneth Ring is retired from the NDE field since 1998.

Dr. Ken Ring read Raymond Moody's book, Life After Life, and was inspired by it. Dr. Ken Ring confirmed the research findings of Dr. Raymond Moody, and replicated the NDE research of Dr. Raymond Moody. However, he felt that a more scientifically structured study would strengthen Moody's findings. He sought out 102 near-death survivors in course of 20 years for his research.

        Dr. Ken Ring's Research Conclusions are Listed Below:
1. NDEs happen to people of all races, genders, ages, education,
               marital status, and social class.

2. Religious orientation is not a factor.
3. People are convinced of the reality of their NDE.
        4. Drugs do not appear to be a factor.
5. NDEs are not hallucinations.
6. NDEs often involve unparalleled feelings.
7. People lose their fear of death and appreciate life more after having an NDE.
8. People's lives are transformed positively after having an NDE.

Blind People Were Able to See During NDE:

Dreams, hallucinations, or illusions are normally either extensions of reality or distortions of reality. However, what people explain about the NDE is that it is beyond reality as we know it, it is the experience of another dimension. The questions that these researchers are trying to answer by saying that NDErs are mixing dream with reality has already been answers by Dr. Kenneth Ring. He wanted to find out whether NDEs where like dreams and did a study with 31 blind people, of which 14 where blind from birth. 80% where able to see for the very first time in their NDE. They were able to describe the scenes as if they were not blind. What is important here is that blind people do not see in their dreams, only touch, smell, feel, etc. so being able to see during their experience clearly suggests that the NDE is unlike the dream state. 

The physicist, David Bohm, said that the energy of the universe is not a neutral energy but an energy of love, and the near-death experiencer returns from his or her encounter with death, not just to confirm Bohm's intuition but to communicate it to others. This is the message that those who have already died have to give to those who are about to die.  

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More Books on Near Death Experience
from Amazon.com

1. Dying to Live: Near-Death Experiences (Hardcover)
Author: Susan Blackmore


 List Price: $33.00 
 Price: $25.74

2. The Near-Death Experience: A Reader (Paperback)
Author: Lee W. Bailey
"What happens when people die


 List Price: $51.95 
 Price: $38.80

3. The New Children and Near-Death Experiences
Author: P. M. H. Atwater, Joseph Chilton Pearce


 List Price: $16.00 
 Price: $11.20

4. The Day I Died: Remarkable True Stories of Near-Death Experience (Paperback)
Author: Tammy Cohen


 List Price: $14.99 
 Price: $14.99

5. Visions of God from the Near Death Experience
Author: Ken R. Vincent


 List Price: $11.95 
 Price: $10.16

6. Otherworld Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modern Times (Paperback)
Author: Carol Zaleski


 List Price: $30.00 
 Price: $30.00

7. Religion, Spirituality and the Near-Death Experience
Author: Mark Fox


 List Price: $34.95   
 Price: $31.90


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Books of Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN

1. Cheating Death: The Doctors and Medical Miracles that Are Saving Lives Against All Odds (Published in 2009) 
Author: Sanjay Gupta, MD

List Price:
$24.99  Price: $14.61

2. Chasing Life: New Discoveries in the Search for Immortality to Help You Age Less Today (2008) 
Author: Sanjay Gupta, MD
List Price:
$14.99  Price: $10.19


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Mr. Robert/Bob Monroe Research
Out of the Body Experience
Life in the Higher Levels of Consciousness
Scientists From Focus 27 Level May Soon Communicate with Humans

Biography of Mr. Robert A Monroe
Mr. Robert Allan Monroe (October 30, 1915–March 17, 1995)
Mr. Robert Monroe was a pioneer in consciousness research. He founded The Monroe Institute (TMI) and developed the Hemi-Sync sound system, which are used to put you in altered states of consciousness so that you are able to have out-of-body experiences (OBE) and experience levels of consciousness that we do not normally experience. His books describe his experiences in the astral/spirit worlds. Many people (such as Mr. Bruce Moen) who have become proficient at astral projection and Afterlife are now using their skills to rescue earthbound spirits (ghosts or confused souls) and help them to understand that they are physically dead and that they need to move on to the next level of consciousness.

Mr. Monroe was born
in Lexington, Kentucky in 1915. His mother was a medical doctor and his father was a college professor. He began formal school when he was 4-year-old in Lexington, Kentucky. He completed his academic history at Ohio State University where he studied pre-med, engineering, arts and sciences. He earned his Bachelor's degree BA in Engineering from Ohio State University in 1937. Upon graduation, Mr. Monroe worked as a writer and director at two Ohio radio stations. Two years later he moved to New York and expanded his broadcasting career, producing and directing weekly radio programs and eventually forming his own radio production company. During the 1950s his company was producing 28 radio shows per month, including the popular Take a Number and Meet Your Match quiz shows. At this time Mr. Monroe became well known as a composer of music for radio, television, and motion pictures. He was a very down-to-earth rational and had no interest or experience in anything esoteric. He also served as vice president and member of the board of directors for the Mutual Broadcasting System network, was listed in Who's Who in America, and was publicized in magazine and newspaper articles on flying and radio production. Building on this success, Mr. Monroe's production company acquired several radio stations in North Carolina and Virginia, and later moved into developing cable television systems.

In 1958 Mr. Robert Monroe was working with sound production when he found that altered states may be induced by sound. He was his own main subject experimenting with altered states induced by sound, and this work may have contributed to his episodes of out-of-body experiences. These led to tests by psi researcher Mr. Charles Tart and later to Mr. Monroe's first book, "Journeys Out of the Body."

Mr. Robert Monroe's First Out o the Body Experience
Spontaneously, in 1950s, one night he had what at first appeared to be a very strange dream. In this “dream” he found himself floating above his physical body while looking down on his sleeping body below. He got such a fright that he literally “swam” his way back to his physical body & almost immediately was inside it again. This was Bob Monroe's first out-of-body experience. This experience began to reoccur so often that he thought that he must be seriously ill, perhaps with a brain tumor. These Out-of-Body Experiences were always preceded by a strange vibration sensation that would begin at the feet and work it's way up his body. As he was unable to control these sensations and experiences he became convinced that he was going to die. He visited numerous doctors and had many tests carried out on him. These tests proved nothing out of the ordinary and showed that there was nothing wrong with him.

Eventually, while discussing these experiences with a friend, the friend excitedly informed Mr. Monroe that what he was experiencing sounded like Astral Travel. He told him that only Mystics, Yogis and Shamans of the East had the ability to leave their physical bodies temporarily to achieve indescribable mystical insights. Understandably, Bob certainly did not share his friend’s enthusiasm, but finally he had some explanation that at least made some sense. Later, he decided to experiment and see to what use he could put his new talents.

In the 1950s, Mr. Monroe began studying what happens to consciousness while the body is asleep. His first experiments consisted of listening to tapes that contained various types and combinations of sounds. He also experimented with sounds and binaural frequencies to assist the learning process during sleep. While testing the technology (which became Hemi-Sync) it triggered his first out-of-body experience. This moment was also the catalyst for the metaphysical chapter in his life. Throughout the next 20 years Mr. Monroe continued to explore, research, and teach others about expanded states of human consciousness and practical methods of enhancing human potential. He developed a series of multi-day workshops that enable participants to personally experience realms beyond physical time-space reality, built a campus for teaching and research, and created a portfolio of audio exercises designed to focus attention, reduce stress, improve meditation, enhance sleep, and manage pain among other applications.

Mr. Robert Monroe's Journeys into the Afterlife
In1971, Mr. Monroe published his first book “Journeys Out of the Body,” which is credited with popularizing the term "Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)". His remarkable voyages of discovery in the non-physical states of existence are documented in his three books:

1. Journeys Out of the Body (1971)
  2. Far Journeys (
Ultimate Journey (

In 1978, Mr. Robert Monroe decided to set up a research organization called The Monroe Institute (TMI), which carried on his work until and after his death. Initially this organization was dedicated to studying this strange phenomenon (Out of Body Experience and Journeys to Afterlife) that was occurring to him. It later evolved its scope into a potent research organization for studying and experimenting with human consciousness of the entire human race.


Mr. Monroe died in 1995, at the age of 80. His legacy continues today and has touched the lives of literally millions of people all around the world.

Focus levels
is a concept created by Mr. Robert Monroe and the The Monroe Institute. It is supposed to define the various planes of the afterlife and/or the various levels of consciousness. The afterlife is believed to be organized by these levels and humans on earth are believed to be able to experience these levels. The concept of focus levels is used by several others, including Mr. Bruce Moen. The levels are numbered, with focus level 1 being Earth and higher levels being more and more spiritual by nature.

Focus Levels 1 to 22:  M
ainly inhabited by people in physical existence. 
Focus Levels 23 to 27: Inhabited by people (non-physical-beings) afterlife.

Through mapping these different focus states or levels of consciousness, we are in fact mapping the territory of the afterlife. A fair-minded person's goal should be to inhabit in Focus 27.




 Focus  Level


Focus 1

C1 Consciousness or Earth. Full Physical Waking Consciousness. The level of awareness in which most people spend most of their daily, normal, waking lives. The everyday, ordinary reality of the physical world in which we live.

Focus 3

Basic Hemi-Sync. The first level where a participant's first exposure to the concept and technology of Hemi-Sync starts to have an effect on the person.

Focus 10

Mind Awake & Body Asleep. The physical body sleeps and the mind is awake and alert. Consciousness is fully retained without dependence upon signals from the physical body. Conceptual tools are developed that the participant may use to reduce anxiety and tension, for healing, for remote viewing and for establishing resonance with other individuals. In Focus 10, much like the dream state, we learn to think in images rather than in words.

Focus 12

Expanded Awareness. The awareness is expanded beyond the limits of the physical body. Focus 12 has many different facets, including: exploring nonphysical realities, decision making, problem solving and enhanced creative expression.

Focus 15

No Time exists. The awareness is expanded beyond time and place. The state of "No Time" is a level of consciousness which opens avenues of the mind that offer vast opportunities for self exploration beyond the constraints of time and place.

Focus 21

Other Energy Systems. The awareness is expanded to realities and energy systems beyond normal time, space and physical matter.

Focus 22

At this level people are unconscious or partly conscious. People in coma, suffering from delirium or dementia, under the influence of drugs or alcohol; patients who are anesthetized or comatose. This level is chaotic, people are confused and very difficult to communicate with.

The levels above are mainly inhabited by people in physical existence. 
At the levels below, there are no physical beings.

Focus 23

In Focus 23, the human inhabitants tend to be those no longer physically alive who have become "stuck" for one reason or another. Often they are confused about or unaware of their death. Many here attempt to maintain contact with the physical world around familiar people or places. These are the ones we call ghosts. Focus 23 inhabitants are stuck because they are unable to leave through their own resources. The range of their free-will choices is extremely narrow. They are typically alone and completely isolated from communication with other humans. This can occur through the circumstances of their death or habitual patterns of thinking prior to death.

Focus 24
Focus 25
Focus 26
Belief System

The Belief System Territories
Inhabitants of The Belief System Territories are attracted to specific locations by Afterlife beliefs they held while physically alive. Every set of Afterlife beliefs held by humans at any time has a specific location with these Focus levels. In a sense, Belief System Territory inhabitants are stuck like those in Focus 23. The difference is that they are not isolated from contact with others. All inhabitants of a specific Territory are in contact with all others sharing their beliefs. Contact with anyone holding conflicting beliefs is severely limited. Free will choices here are restricted to only those compatible with the prevailing beliefs. Some of these areas look like Heavens, some look like Hells. Each one is rigidly structured around the beliefs held by the inhabitants. It is extremely difficult to move people from this area to areas of greater free will choice.

Focus 27
Most Important
Afterlife Area

Focus 27 is the Afterlife Area
This is the greatest "free-will" choice for its inhabitants. It's an area created by humans and often resembles physical earth environments. Contact and communication is open between all inhabitants. Many people living in Focus 27 provide assistance to new arrivals in their adjustment to living in the Afterlife. It is a highly organized and structured area. There are Centers of activity here providing for the needs of human beings in their continuing development in the Afterlife. In my explorations, there are Centers for: Education, Life Review, Health and Rejuvenation, Planning, Scheduling, Rehabilitation, Humor, and many others. These Centers also coordinate activities in the physical world, through incarnations, to assist in human development.


Electronic Communication with Afterlife

Although it may sound remarkable, there are scientists working in Focus 27 level who are in communication with those in physical life. Some of these scientists in Focus 27 are currently working on projects that will enable two-way communication between those who are physically alive and those who have died, using physical life technology. Although this may appear astounding, much progress has been made. Numerous groups around the world have been receiving messages on computers, audio tape, telephone and even television. Although it may be difficult for you to believe that such things are actually possible, you will hear a lot more about this technology over the next decade or over the next few years.

About Reincarnation
Whatever activity we choose on arriving in Focus 27, there may comes a point where we decide to return to physical life, through reincarnation, in order to grow more fully or help others grow or even bring a wonderful new invention into physical reality.

Reincarnation was the central idea of Monroe's philosophy, which he said he learned over decades of astral travel. Mr. Monroe taught that the self that we know with this physical life is merely a fragment of the "Total Self." The "Total Self" of each individual represents a cluster of many fragments within, and each fragment is a being that lives many lifetimes.

P.S.: This information matches with the findings of Dr. Michael Newton.


 Robert Monroe's Technique For Triggering an OBE:

1. First lie down in a darkened room in a relaxing position. 
2. Loosen your clothing and remove all jewelry.
3. Enter into a very relaxing state and consciously tell yourself that
       you will remember everything that happens at this time.

4. Begin breatheing through your half-open mouth. 
5. Concentrate on an object.
6. When other images start to enter your mind, passively watch them. 
7. Try to clear your mind and observe your field of vision through your closed eyes.
8. Do nothing more for a while.
9. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness in front of you.
10. After a while, you may notice light patterns.
11. When these cease, a state of such relaxation will happen that
          you lose all awareness of the body.
12. You are almost in the state where your only source of stimulation
          will be your own thoughts.
13. It is this relaxed condition where out-of-body journeys are triggered.
14. To leave your body, think of yourself getting lighter
         and of how nice it would be to float upwards.
15. With sufficient practice Monroe claims that a wide variety of experiences occur.


There are a wide variety of psychic and spiritual states that can result from leaving the body consciously. The traveler can find himself or herself in either formed states (those containing objects) or amorphous states when leaving the body in this way.

One type of conscious transition occurs when the traveler simply disconnects the inner spiritual self from the physical body, and moves out and away from the physical body consciously. This disconnection happens frequently in near-death experience where the injured person moves a short distance from the physical body and observes it.

Books of Mr. Robert A Monroe

Mr. Robert Monroe chronicled his OBEs in the following 3 best-selling books:

In his 1st book
Journeys Out of the Body (1971), Mr. Robert Monroe's experiences are intriguing. He writes about mystical experiences such as "lucid dreams" or "astral projections" as if they could really be journeys out of the body in THIS world, almost as if he were a ghost. Occultists would call this the etheral body. For example, he writes that he obtained knowledge of things in the physical world, that he couldn't have possibly known if his experiences didn't actually take him to real places. Mr. Monroe describes his vibrations as the first step toward an out of body experience.

In his 2nd book Far Journeys (1985), Mr. Robert Monroe explains clearly about non-local reality, techniques for OBE's and how a very normal person reacts to and processes these odd occurrences, and the readers can learn a lot about how the author gained much insight from his out-of-body travels. Once you master the OBE, you become psychic, telepathic and the body is less likely to suffer physical trauma as a result of accidents. Mr. Monroe clearly describes two incidents where he fell down a steep flight of stairs head first and landed smack on his head both times. However, he said that his head touched the ground gently, like a feather, while his legs remained dangling in the air. His legs then gently draped down onto the stairs and he suffered no pain and developed no bruises. 

In his 3rd book
Ultimate Journey (1994), Mr. Robert Monroe's weird and wonderful adventures on other planes of reality were described. That book, which has sold more than a million copies, helped cement the concept of astral travel into the American psyche and made the out-of-body experience (OBE) a household word. Mr. Monroe not only helped others understand this state of being, but through his research on binaural beats and his development of the technology known as Hemi-Sync, he made the OBE accessible through programs at The Monroe Institute (TMI), which is attended by thousands of people each year. However, Mr. Monroe made consciousness research more than an esoteric thrill ride. He put his technology to practical use by creating frequencies that have helped people with everything from meditation and learning, to insomnia, quitting smoking, and pain control.


Out of the Body Experience by Robert A Monroe

When an OBE is triggered, your nonphysical body is like a kite on an invisible cordat the other end of the invisible cord is your physical body. You can go anywhere in any time, past, present, or future via OBEs. You can go directly to any chosen place and observe what is there in detail and what is going on. At your target site you can move around the area to observe from different perspectives. The only problem is that you cannot pickup physical objects, because your hand goes right through them.
You can go anywhere on Earth, or in it or through it. You can move outward and play around the moon and the entire solar system. Thus we saw and knew the other side of the moon even before NASA probes took their pictures. It was the same with Mars, where we were looking for artifacts such as buildings or structures that might indicate some form of intelligent life. Getting back to the physical body is no problem
—it can happen within a blink of an eye. The explorer simply has to focus on his physical body. There is no speed of light limitation.



Books of Mr. Robert A Monroe
from Amazon.com




1. Journeys Out of the Body
Author: Robert Monroe

List Price: $15.95  Price: $10.85

2. Far Journeys (Paperback)
Author: Robert Monroe

List Price: $16.95  Price: $11.53

3. Ultimate Journey 1994
Author: Robert Monroe

List Price: $16.95  Price: $11.53


Mr. Bruce Moen's Research
Life After Death Experience
Afterlife in the Higher Levels of Consciousness
Out of the Body Experience; Afterlife Knowledge; Voyages into the Afterlife Territories


Biography of Mr. Bruce Moen
Mr. Bruce Moen lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. He is a mechanical engineer, an engineering consultant in his own firm, turned afterlife explorer, author and international lecturer or teacher of Afterlife knowledge.
Since childhood Mr. Moen has been curious about where would we go when we die. He learned to explore Afterlife by following that curiosity. It led him to the Lifeline program in 1992 at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Faber, Virginia, founded by out of body explorer and author Mr. Robert A. Monroe, where he first learned to explore the afterlife. After learning to explore the afterlife for nearly four years he proved to himself we continue to exist beyond death. He teaches workshops in which he shares his experiences and teaches the simple techniques he has developed that any one can use to explore our afterlife on their own. He claims to be able to explore the afterlife and to do retrievals. Doing retrievals means making contact with people who are lost or stuck after death with the purpose of helping them out of their isolation and back into the heavens or other Focus levels. His techniques are based on the Lifeline program of Mr. Robert Monroe.

Mr. Bruce Moen began as a student of Mr. Robert Monroe, but has developed the process of mentally exploring through projection in such a manner as to frequently override the need for sound wave support such as Hemi-Sync.

Bruce Moen is a lot like any common human being. He has never had a near-death experience, nor does he claim any special psychic gift or ability. Yet, he has learned to do some special techniques that other people don’t have. He has freed "lost souls" from their isolated, sometimes terrifying post-death existence; helped them regain free will choice over their own destiny; brought comfort to those left behind when a loved one dies; moved earthbound ghosts to their place in the Afterlife; verifiably explored nonphysical human consciousness and other realities.

Afterlife exploration has profoundly changed his life. It has taught him what Love is and has shown him the purpose of his life. Mr. Moen's work is a contribution to consciousness studies because of the analysis of his thought patterns while in the mental state needed for the assumed afterlife explorations. He uses a two-step process: perception followed by interpretation. This process is based on the assumed ability to perceive beyond the material world by using curiosity and imagination to move through the various focus levels

Mr. Moen has also stated that he is working on an "Afterlife Communication Device," similar to telephone, which will enable direct communication with the deceased without the need for special esoteric knowledge or techniques.

After several years of perfecting the perceptual skills required, it is his hope others can use what he has learned to develop them more quickly. "The most important thing I discovered is that human beings with curiosity can learn to explore the Afterlife and find the truth for themselves," Mr. Moen says.

He has written several books about this subject and runs 10 to 15 international
workshops annually, teaching participants how to perform those retrievals.

He is the author of Voyages Into the Unknown, Voyage Beyond Doubt, Voyages Into the Afterlife, and Voyage to Curiosity’s Father that recount his experiences. 

How Mr. Bruce Moen Was Influenced?
a. While attending the Lifeline training course in The Monroe Institute, Mr. Moen had a close contact with one of his tutors. Mr. Moen and his tutor began partnered-exploring as a tutorial to gain some knowledge and insight. In this experiment, they met nonphysically and carried out planned-retrievals and other activities. After returning to the physical body, they recorded their experiences in their journals and compared notes over the telephone the following day. The descriptions in their notes were found to be exactly the same experiences. Partnered-exploring is a powerful, confidence-building technique. During this time, Mr. Moen’s exploring began to expand beyond retrievals and encountered both ghosts and nonphysical beings in the afterlife territories.

b.  After Mr. Monroe died and left his physical body, Mr. Moen successfully contacted Mr. Monroe
accompanied by his wife (Mrs. Nancy Penn Monroe)during one of his solo nonphysical outings and in that meeting, Mr. Monroe offered to assist him in improving his perceptual skills. After this encounter with Mr. Monroe in the nonphysical territory, his life changed forever and his perception greatly improved. Exploration after these experiences led access to different levels of consciousness and contacts beyond anything he could ever have imagined. Mr. Moen began to understand the power of imagination, the meaning of Pure Unconditional Love, and the purpose of his own physical existence.


Bruce Moen's Path to Truth

1. Somehow, through OBE, communicate with a person known to be deceased.
2. Gather some information from that person that was not known to you.
3. Verify that this information is true, accurate and real in your world.
4. This investigation gives you evidence that that person continues to exist
            beyond death and presumably should exist in the afterlife territory.

5. Continue this kind of research more and more until you find the truth.

An Example of Bruce Moen's Path to Truth

Jane, a workshop participant of Mr. Bruce Moen, asked a question about how could she find a way to open a window of opportunity concerning the afterlife. Mr. Moen then suggested Jane that she should shift her awareness to placing intent consciousness, and should express her desire to have an experience that would conflict with her afterlife beliefs. Unbeknownst to Mr. Bruce Moen, his workshop participant Jane found a quiet place during workshop break, and practiced the affirmation “I DESIRE TO HAVE AN EXPERIENCE THAT WILL CONFLICT WITH MY BELIEFS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE.” She may have focused on this affirmation with great intent and may have already programmed her subconscious mind with this affirmation without knowing what the outcome could be. Two weeks after the workshop, Jane emailed Mr. Bruce Moen describing her startling experience:

Jane had suddenly awakened during the night and had seen a cloud of lighted fog floating in her bedroom doorway. As she focused her attention on the cloud, it transformed into an apparition of her deceased mother-in-law, Nadine. During their subsequent conversation Jane asked Nadine to show, tell or give her something that would prove she was really talking to a dead person. Nadine said that she had left something for her son, Jane’s husband, at the hospital where she worked as a nurse before her death. Nadine suggested Jane to call the hospital to find out what it was.

The next day Jane pressured her husband to call the hospital and find out what was left for him in that hospital that her husband was not aware of. It took a little while and digging into the hospital records to find out the truth about his mother’s activities and personal matters. Finally the hospital staff discovered that his mother Nadine had been paying into an annuity for him, in his name, for several years. No one in the family knew that this annuity existed as an asset of his mother until Jane’s husband, also the Nadine’s son, phoned and asked the hospital staff to launch a thorough search concerning Nadine’s personal and financial activities. From this startling experience, Jane convinced that she had gotten the information from Nadine
—who was known to be deceased.

It is now clear to Jane that she communicated with a person know to be deceased, gathered some information from that person that was not known to her previously, and verified that that information was true, accurate and real in this world where she is living. This investigation gave Jane the evidence that the person, Nadine, continued to exist beyond physical death. Since this incident, Jane’s perception of and ability to communicate with those in our afterlife had greatly improved. She had an experience that conflicted with her afterlife beliefs and accepted that experience is real, thus removing any blockages in her beliefs and gaining confidence on the existence of afterlife.



The Concept of the HIGHER SELF (Who I Truly Am?)
According To Mr. Bruce Moen

Mr. Bruce Moen discovered the true appearance of his own nonphysical form of true SELF, as it came to him in a waking vision in 1974. The large disk-shaped graphic shown on right-hand side with round light spots arranged in concentric circles represents the true “Total Self” of an individual. Some people call it the Total Self, Higher Self, Greater Self or Oversoul.

Each light spot of the concentric circles on the disk represents one integral fragment of the Total Self. The Total Self is made of many integral fragments, each integral fragment being one light spot. For example Mr. Bruce Moen believed that he, with his physical body on the planet Earth now on the left side of the graphic, represents one light spot of that disk shaped Total Self.

Mr. Moen with his physical body now living on the planet Earth is connected to his Total Self by means of a nonphysical cord that looks like a multi-strand fiber optic cable as shown in the graphic. Information passes through this nonphysical cord between himself and his Disk-shaped Total Self, giving the Disk members the awareness of his activities, and vice versa as long he learns how to communicate with his Total Self.

Mr. Moen also believed from the knowledge he gained from his out-of-body experiences that he was originally created with the nonphysical material of his Total Self, allocating a unique personality and identity. Mr. Moen knew that he already incarnated many times on the planet Earth in order to explore, learn and obtain complete wisdom contributing his efforts to the evolution his Total Self. He will incarnate many more times until his Total Self reaches immortality.

Mr. Moen further believed that his Total Self was created in the same manner by the Ultimate Creator. His Total Self would one day return to the Ultimate Creator once the purification process of the Total Self is complete and ready.


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Books of Mr. Bruce Moen from Amazon.com




1. Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook: A Manual For The Art Of Retrieval And The Afterlife Exploration Author: Bruce Moen
List Price: $16.95  Price: $11.53

2. Voyages Into the Unknown (Exploring the Afterlife Series, Vol. 1) (Paperback)
Author: Bruce Moen

List Price: $16.95  Price: $16.95

3. Voyage Beyond Doubt (Exploring the Afterlife Series, Vol 2) (Paperback)
Author: Bruce Moen

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4. Voyages Into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory (Exploring the Afterlife Series, Vol. 3)   Author: Bruce Moen
List Price: $16.95  Price: $16.95

5. Voyage to Curiosity's Father (Exploring the Afterlife Series) (Paperback)
Author: Bruce Moen

List Price: $13.95  Price: $11.16


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Mr. Gordon Phinn's Research

Biography of Mr. Gordon Phinn
Gordon Phinn was born in Glasgow, Scotland in October 1952, and educated at Glasgow Academy. He moved to Toronto, Canada, after the death of his father in March 1968 when he was only 13-year-old.

His father came to his dreams frequently and left haunting messages such as “Try to Imagine I Have Gone on a Long Holiday.” By 1970, when he was 18-year-old, his discovery of popular spiritualist books such as “Life In The World Unseen by Anthony Borgia” helped him put into perspective certain haunting dreams of his father. Further readings on spiritualism, theosophy, and the Western esoteric tradition slowly expanded his understanding of the Mysteries, leading to such modern teachers as Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, Seth, and David Spangler.

His interest in the mystic and esoteric bred a fascination with entire range of paranormal phenomena. He studied the world of researchers, psychics, healers, and channels without ever imagining he might become one himself.

In the late 1990s, his lifetime of sporadic lucid dreams exploded into a four-month extravaganza, of near-nightly adventures throughout the planes with a variety of guides, of whom "Henry" seemed to be the ringleader. After the usual anxieties of the "what will people think?" variety, he plunged into the narrative which became the book entitled “Eternal Life And How To Enjoy It.”



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Out of Body Experiences (OBEs)

Out of the Body Experience
An out-of-body experience (OOBE or OBE) is defined as an event in which the experiencer seems to perceive some portion of some environment which could not possibly be perceived from where his physical body is known to be at the time; and knows at the time that he is not dreaming or fantasizing. The experiencer seems to possess his normal consciousness at the time, and even though he may reason that this cannot be happening, he will feel all his normal critical faculties to be present, and so knows he is not dreaming. Further, he will not decide after awakening that this was a dream.

How then do we understand this strange phenomenon?
OBEs are a universal human experience, not in the sense that they happen to large numbers of people, but in that they have happened all through recorded history, and there are marked similarities in the experience among people who are otherwise extremely different in terms of cultural background. The OBE is generally a once-in-a-lifetime experience, seemingly experienced by “accident.” Illnesses sometimes bring it about, especially illnesses which are almost fatal. Great emotional stress sometimes brings it about. In many cases, it simply happens during sleep without our having any idea of what might have caused it. In very rare instances it seems to have been brought on by a deliberate attempt.

The experience of an OBE is usually one of the most profound experiences of a person’s life, and radically alters his beliefs. This is usually expressed as, “I no longer believe in survival of death or an immortal soul, I know that I will survive death.” The person feels that he has directly experienced being alive and conscious without his physical body, and therefore knows that he possesses some kind of soul that will survive bodily death. This does not logically follow, for even if the OBE is more than just an interesting dream or hallucination, it was still occurring while the physical body was alive and functioning and therefore may depend on the physical body. This argument, however, makes no impression on those who have actually had an OBE.

The OBE is generally extremely joyful to those who have it. Approximately 90 and 95 percent of the people who have this experience are very glad it occurred and find it joyful, while 5 percent are very frightened by it, for the only way they can interpret it, while it is happening, is that they are dying. Later reactions of the person as he attempts to interpret his OBE can be rather negative, however.

In some instances of OBEs the description of what was happening at a distant place is correct and more accurate than we would expect by coincidence. Not the majority, by any means, but some. To explain these we must postulate either that the “hallucinatory” experience of the OBE was combined with the operation of ESP, or that in some sense the person really was “there.” The OBE then becomes very real indeed.


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 Out of the Body Experience


 Out of Body Experience in 30 Days


 Out of Body Experience-II


 Out of Body Experience of Robert Peterson






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Mary T. Browne: Life After Death
Descriptions of Spirit Realms and Heaven

Biography of Mary T. Browne
Mary T. Browne is
an internationally renowned psychic, teacher, and the author of 4 best selling books:
                       1. Love in Action
                       2. Life After Death
                       3. The Power of Karma
                       4. The 5 Rules of Thought

Mary T. Browne has appeared on Weekend Today, CNN, and Good Day New York, and has done over 400 radio interviews. In addition, she has been featured in many magazines and newspapers including New York Magazine, Worth, American Health, Elle, Vogue, and the New York Times. She lives in New York City. She has clients from all over the world.

Mary T. Browne's connection to spirit world is very inspiring. She had her first clairvoyant experience at the age of seven. For more than 30 years since then, her visions and her communications from many dead relatives, friends, her clients who had near-death experiences and from wise beings (teachers) who revealed her the true descriptions and operations of spirit worlds and heavens where we go after we die. Her insight came from her sacred gifts of psychic powers, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

What Happens When We Die?
Physical death (passing over) is our passport to a new spirit realm. Death is birth into the realm of the spirit. At the time of death, the spirit is released from the physical suitcase. A silver cord attaches the physical body to the astral body much like an umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to its mother. When we die, the cord between physical body and astral body breaks. In case of a near death experience the cord is not severed as the physical body still remains connected with astral body but the spirit body is released partially to enter the spirit world. The spirit floats above the physical body and observes what is happening around. Clients often reported that they had near death experiences when they had a surgery or a serious automobile accident. When spirit is partially released, they can still hear people trying to help them. And then they pass through a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel a beautiful, very peaceful and bright light appears making the way clear and accessible. At the end of the tunnel, relatives, loved ones and friends from the spirit world stand there waiting to greet and talk. Those who had near death experiences were told by the being of light that it is not yet their time to pass on, and that they must return to the physical body and complete their earthly incarnation as there is still a lot to learn and much work to be done on the planet earth. Some clients reported that after passing the tunnel, they were allowed to visit and view parts of the spirit world. After visiting the spirit realm, they gain a new sense of freedom because their fear of death is gone. They realize that the purpose of our life on earth is to learn, to grow, to improve, to evolve fully and to serve others.

No Fear When You Die!

At the moment of death, your spirit begins to leave your body and you will see someone standing in shadow, extending a hand to help you cross the border. It will be a clear image of a relative or loved one whom you can easily recognize. In the rare cases when no one close to you has been there already passed on, a spirit helper trained in assisting the people to make the transition will be there to help you. Don't Panic Be Happy!


Spirit World
The spirit world is a place of harmony. It is a realm of beauty, light, art, music, literature, and friendship. We do love beyond the grave, and we will be reunited with our loved ones in the spirit world. Those touching reunions with the loved ones in the spirit world are filled with overwhelming joy of spiritual vibrations.

We arrive into the spirit world in an appropriate place we have earned based on our earthly actions, our character and life review. We must work through our physical and emotional problems on earth. Your character does not disintegrate with your physical body. You arrive into the spirit world the same person you were when you left your physical body. So it is wise to spend our time on earth growing as much as possible.

Beware of Your Character
Your character is built in the physical realm. You are responsible for your own character. The soul development occurs in the physical world. Your free will can either raise you up or hold you down in the physical world. A person who lives with a lot of anger in the physical world arrives into the astral in the same condition. He will remain in the state of anger surrounded by others who are ill-tempered until the anger dissipates. A person consumed with jealousy while in physical body will enter the spirit world with the same character and will be surrounded by jealousy and envious souls. However a good person on earth who possessed good and calm character during his/her earthly incarnation will be regarded as a good and respected soul in the spirit world. The good person will live with other peaceful souls of similar character.

KARMA: We Will Reap What We Sow

Life is the sequence and consequence of all our past lives and current life. Every action that we perform directly affects this life and lives to come. If a man commits cruel act and has gone unnoticed, he will most likely pay the penalty and face consequences in his next life.

Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. It is the total of all actions in the present as well as in all preceding lives. We will suffer for the hurts we have inflicted and rejoice in the happiness that we have given to others. Each of us earns a place in the spirit world or heaven solely based on our actions in the past and current lives by ourselves. This is true in the physical, mental, and spirit worlds.

Reincarnation teaches that we live not just one life on earth but many. The spirit enters a physical body in order to proceed with its evolution. Every soul should understand the fact that the sensual pleasures are temporary and we must move towards true joy, and that true joy comes from the knowledge. We return to the earth plane over and over again until we have achieved perfection through knowledge. Perfection is the state of total selflessness. All desire for physical pleasures must be replaced by a complete dedication to serve humanity.

Ask yourself: Do you possess a good and loving character?, Do you speak many languages?, Do you have complete control of your emotions? Is your motivation at all times completely unselfish?, Did you do enough to serve humanity?, Have you outgrown any desire for personal gain?, Are you in perfect physical health? These are only a few prerequisites for mastership of your soul growth.

When we have fully mastered ourselves, and when our karma is completely balanced, we no longer need to return to the earth plane. All physical and emotional growth takes place on the physical plane. What we experience in each lifetime represents a schoolroom for the soul development. Each hardship is a challenge that we face in order to work harder toward attaining self-mastery. Reincarnation allows this education to continue from one life to the next.

There are no shortcuts to self-mastery, and no easy way toward enlightenment. Much of the process is very painful. Each of us is tested by attracting experiences that we have earned by our personal choices. Pain tells us that there is a problem to solve.
Life is the laboratory for the development of soul remedies. We should savor all our experiences and fully utilize all our senses and learn from them to make this our best life yet!

The circumstances of our physical life are a combination of our current thinking and actions along with the past-life karmic situations brought into this life. Certain torturous situations we must deal with in our earth life aren't just the results of our negative thinking habits, but they are the results of the past-life karma. When we arrive into the spirit world, our life consists exclusively of our own thoughts. Life is influenced by Karma only in the physical world. There is no Karma in the spirit world. However the right thinking habits in either world is of paramount importance.

Heaven / Devachan
Devachan is the Sanskrit word, meaning Heaven, also known as "the place of the Gods." Heaven is the place where God lives and where all good people live with angels and music. People of good character go to devachan, a state of consciousness between earth lives. There are many different levels of realms in devachan. You earn your appropriate place in devachan depending on your soul evolution, your character and your karma. The time one spends in devachan depends on life review and the accumulated karma.

You will be drawn toward the activity of interest to you. For example, if you wish to learn more about your earthly profession, there are teachers readily available in the spirit world. Heaven is a continuation of your mental state when you pass over. You may have a beautiful house if you wish to, though it isn't necessary. The choice is yours. As the spirit world is the land of no decay, the spirit houses need no up-keep. They exude natural charm.

On the earth, it takes time to implement a thought and to convert an idea into product. In the spirit world, it is instantaneous. For example in the physical world, you must work hard to build a house. The plans are drawn and executed by a builder. It could take months or years to complete the construction of a beautiful house. In spirit world, just think of a house of your liking, and you can have it in an instant. Similarly you can move instantaneously in the spirit world with no delay in time. You simply focus your mind upon the place where you like to be and you are instantly there.

Heaven is traditionally thought of as a place of supreme happiness, a spiritual state of everlasting communion with God. God is alternatively defined as the supreme reality and as love. It follows that Heaven is the place of love. A loving person earns his/her place in Heaven.


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