A: Law of Attraction Tips
     Creative Visualization

Free Inspirational Quotes To Motivate
Famous free inspirational quotes and sayings to inspire you and start your day on a positive note.

The Secret Law of Attraction
Law-of-Attraction Guide: Understanding The Law of Attraction is the great secret of the secret, understand Attraction and you will start to trust it, then you will believe it and create your own reality.

A3. Life With Feng Shui
Learn to make the energy that surrounds us and flows in a way that will help you thrive in all areas of your life.

B: Yoga & Meditations
B1. The World Wide Online Meditation Training Center
A user-friendly site, offering clear, concise meditation instructions on a variety of methods from our meditations group of spiritual traditions. Learn to meditate as we provide meditation training.

B2. Learn How to Meditate
LetsMeditate.net website is all about meditation. We have focused on developing meditations techniques, meditation exercises and health aids which will resolve stress-related problems in a short time (3 to 15 minutes).

B6. Yoga Healing Retreats & Holistic Health Bali Vacations
Balancing the Bali Experience: Yoga Spiritual Healing Retreats, Holistic Health Bali Vacations, Yoga Spa Retreats, Resorts, Meditation, Holistic Therapies.

C: Self Hypnosis Techniques
     Regression Therapy, NLP Hypnosis

C1. Human Trinity Hypnotherapy by
Paul G. Durbin, PhD
Human Trinity Hypnotherapy Training is an excellent tool to help individuals overcome unwanted habits, improve self-confidence, enhance healing and release unnatural fears of phobias. Paul G. Durbin, PhD published and owned over 100 articles on hypnosis and related subjects.

Hypnotherapy Thailand by John Krukowski, C.H.
Hypnotherapy Thailand is one of the very few highly qualified western educated clinical hypnotherapists in Thailand. This huge website offers information on hypnotherapy training and it’s many applications.

D: Psychic Spiritual Healing
D1. A Circle of Light , Psychic Clairvoyant Cassandra Anaya
Psychic Readers & Angel Readings Online since 1993, channeling 3 angels (Metatron, Uriel & Yannie) to give you the most amazingly accurate and detailed psychic readings & angel readings. Psychic Clairvoyant Rev. Cassandra Anaya answers all your questions.

D6. Psychic Test
Test your psychic powers and enjoy words, prose, sad poems and thoughts.

D8. Free Astrology Software
Our astrology software evaluation version is free. Develop Astrology Software Astrology Explorer 3D and offer Free Online Astrology Birth (Natal) Chart Generation Horoscope. 

D11. Horoscope Reading
Your personal horoscope reading from Kozmik Horoscopes. Discover the story of your life in 25 amazing pages.

D12. SPIRITUAL WISDOM Moving Beyond Religion
Please download the Free 66-page Book Spiritual Wisdom Moving Beyond Religion. The majority of information contained within comes from readings done by a certified trance medium. 

D13. Spiritual New Age Wisdom by Roy E. Klienwachter
Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle (Free Copy)
Spiritual New Age Wisdom opens doors you never imagined. Spirituality is not something you have to find—you are already spiritual. Spiritual growth comes with awareness. Learn more…

D15. Reiki Distance Healing
Access Reiki distance healing energy from the comfort of your home. Reiki distance energy healing can be directed to help special events, test anxiety, stress, depression, health issues and so much more. Single event, 14 day and 30 day Reiki remote energy healing sessions are available as well as Reiki subscriptions.


D: Psychic Spiritual Healing
D101. Alternative Healing Choices
Your Guide to Complementary, Alternative, Holistic and Natural Healthcare. HEALING CHOICES provides information on alternative and complementary healthcare, and a description of modalities and practitioners. The site contains resources and books to help make informed decisions for health choices.

D102. Spiritual Mind
Online community for spirituality-minded people. There is a link-directory of many categories with countless links. There is also an articles division and forum.

D103. Life Style Hints: Spiritual Community
A place of spiritual community where you can get tips about everything from cooking through life style and spirituality. How to attract wealth and make your life easier, healthier, and a little wiser.

D104. Esoteric Library Webmaster
A concerted attempt to gather as much information as possible about any and all of the subjects that could be of interest to communities involved in things of an Esoteric nature.

D105. Awen Wishes Enabled Now
Accessing Awen, your inner spirit, releases the genie that empowers the Law of Attraction and secular prayer to manifest wishes. Never again be without. Craft good Karma and your sacred space sanctuary for personal growth. Divining runes and rune healing. Lots of freebies.

D106. Spiritlink
Free Weekly Horoscopes by Rev. Marilyn Morgan! As we seek to know the source, may we come to know ourselves, that we may give the better concept of spirit in this world.






D: Psychic Healers, Reiki Practitioners

Magic Spells that Really Work
Magic Spells, Charms, Witchcraft, Wicca, Voodoo, Love Spells, Money Spells, Black Magic and others.

D202. Magic Spells Charms Talismans
Magic Spells, shop, magic talismans, love talismans, magic charms, black magic spells, white magic spells, spells magic, blackmagic, voodoo dolls, protection spells, wicca and witchraft.

D204. White Magic Love Spells, Charms Hexes Curses Talisman
Offering Magic Spells, White Magic Charms. Protection spells from curses and hexes, talismans, love spells, money spells, genies, spirits and witchcraft.

Real Magic Spells that are Divine
We possess the God-given supernatural power that can not only foretell your future but also change your life to reach your goals. Our divine magic spells namely Spiritual Magic Spells, Witchcraft Spells, Wicca, Voodoo and Charms would make wonders.

D206. Holistic Spells
Holistic Spells is a one stop magic shop to fulfill all your wishes and desires. You will find Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Success Spells, Witchcraft, Wicca, Voodoo And More.

D207. Amazing Love Spells Money Spells Magic Talismans
Love Spells Money Spells and Magic Spells special talismans and charms available, also spell casting services for love, protection and wicca witchcraft and voodoo dolls.

D208. Magic Spells
Offering Magic Spells for Love and Money, White Magic Spells, Talismans and Charms, also information on witchcraft and wicca available.

D210. Gaboo Magic - Magic Spells, Talismans, Voodoo, Lucky Charms
Black and White Magic Spells for Beginners and advanced. Range of Love Spells, Money Spells, Charms, Talismans and Magical Invocations.

D212. Magic Spells
There are a number of Spells like Magic Spells, Love Spells, Money Spells, Voodoo Magic Spells etc., which are done according to the need of the person.

D213. BEST ASTROLOGER IN AHMEDABAD: Panchmukhi Jyotish is a Top Astrologer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India to solve all kinds of problems by mobile. You can directly contact him at 9714121527.

E: Candles, Incense, Crystal Spells
E1. Angelstar Creations
I do web design and creation for metaphysical and spiritual sites. I also create a lot of other things, including art work, bookmarks and altered books. I collect postage stamps, postcards and bookmarks. I also have some information on my site along with my own writings. 

E3. Crystal Spirit Art Studios
Original Paintings by Meriel Hebden: Many of my paintings are of natural forms and energies painted in my own unique style. I have a varied collection of pastel and acrylic paintings, created over many years and there are always new images and energies waiting to be expressed.  I hope that you too will feel the spirit, love and inspiration that I have experienced whilst painting them.

E7. Incense for sale, incense cones, incense holder, incense burners, incense oils, gemstone bracelets, and more
At Incense-man.co.uk, you can buy incense online for a variety of reasons including for the purpose of meditation and spiritual healing (Puja with Nag Champa, Goloka, Padmini, HEM and Nitiraj). Plus tie-dye T-shirts, crystal bracelets, pendants and many more items. Secure online ordering with prompt email service.

E8. Metaphysical Crystals for Healing Touch Therapy
Metaphysical Crystal Shop Selling Healing Crystals at Discount Prices: natural crystals, crystal wands, tumbled stones, crystals and gems, crystals and gemstones, healing gemstones, rose quartz crystal, clear quartz, merkaba crystals, amethyst bracelet, amethyst beads, vogel wands, and many more items.

F: How to Understand God
    Information about God

If you want to learn how to understand God, please read through:
Part 1        Part 2        Part 3

. The Unexplained Mysteries
The Unexplained Mysteries, which are of several categories and types, some of them being the Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness Monster, UFO, Aliens, Ghosts, Spirits, ESP, Read articles on various Ghosts, UFO, Paranormal and other Mysteries.

F5. Sound Current Rider
Traveling in soul enables one to effortlessly visit other locations on earth, other planets, as well as the spiritual worlds.

F6. Parascientifica.com, paranormal events
A great resource for anything related to the paranormal experience.
Ghosts, Monsters, Aliens, you can find them all here!


F8. University of Metaphysical Sciences (Metaphysical University)
The University Of Metaphysical Sciences is a non-profit distance learning metaphysical university or facility, offering downloadable courses from the Internet or delivered via postal mail. Earn your Bachelors, Masters and PhD.

F10. Encyclopedia of Spiritual Knowledge
Explanation of various terms and concepts that occur in spiritual wisdom and spiritual literature.

F11. School of Pythagoras-In the Past and Today
Golden Verses of Pythagoras. Conversations with Pythagoras and His Students. Initiation into the science of cognition of the Creator. Higher philosophy.

Read about Apollonius and his journey to meet the sages of India.



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