If you understand how the conscious mind, subconscious mind and superconscious mind work, you can easily practice, benefit and create wonders using the power of imagination tools such as meditation, yoga, creative visualization, self-hypnosis and the law of attraction.

States of Mind & Brainwave Frequencies
There are four states of mind namely beta, alpha, theta and delta as shown below.


State of Mind

Brainwave Frequency
(cycles per second/Hertz)

Usually Associated With


14 – 40

Waking state, Working all 5 senses,
perception of time and space.


7 – 14

Light sleep, meditation, intuition.
No time and space limitation.


4 – 7

Deeper sleep, high meditative state.


0.1 - 4

Much Deeper sleep, almost unconscious
(body asleep, mind awake).

is the normal state of mind in which people are wide-awake, alert, sharp and focused.

state of mind can be attained when you quiet your mind by focusing on your breath or by uttering some words such as a mantra or some affirmations to yourself repeatedly. In the Alpha state, the thoughts are minimized and brainwave frequency slows down,  switching you to the deeper alpha state or even the theta state. A relaxed and focused concentration, such as daydreaming, can also lead you to alpha state of mind. When you are in the alpha state of mind, your subconscious mind listens to your affirmations of strong desire, and implements them. With a deeper alpha state of mind, it is possible to regress to the past-life memories.

state of mind can be attained with consistent practice on deep breathing, relaxation and creative visualization, motivation and determination. In the theta state of mind, you are just about to lose consciousness and can reach and uncover the superconscious mind level, where you could pass through a tunnel of bright lights, have access to many wonderful afterlife experiences in the spirit world, and could meet with your higher self, dead relatives, spirit guides, spiritual masters and soul mates.
is the slowest of all four brain wave frequencies
, most commonly associated with deep sleep (body asleep and mind awake). Delta state of mind releases the human growth hormone, which is beneficial for healing.

Conscious Mind
Less than 10% of your mind is conscious mind, and its characteristics are: It uses willpower for temporary gains. It analyses, judges, rationalizes and plans everything. It has only short-term memory.

Subconscious Mind
More than 90% of your mind is occupied by the subconscious mind, and its characteristics are: It does not use willpower. It values your beliefs and stores them very carefully. It does not analyze, judge or rationalize anything, and it has long-term memory. It controls human behavior, emotions and feelings, habits, relationship patterns, addictions, and the involuntary bodily functions such as breathing, heartbeat, blood flow, swallowing, blinking, and many others. It also controls creativity, developmental stages, spiritual connection and intuition.

The most fascinating quality of the subconscious mind is that it is programmable either to change habits, heal diseases, or accomplish dreams of a rewarding life. Very simple, positive and consistent affirmations or autosuggestions along with creative visualization exercises using all five senses
Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting & Feeling in alpha state of mind could generate fruitful results.

For example, in spirit world, everything is instantaneous. You just think of a house of your liking, and you can have that house in an instant. But in a material world such as ours, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a house. If you know how to program your subconscious mind by being very specific about your house (
what kind of house: Spanish reign supreme, Traditional, Ranch, Craftsman, Victorian, Mountain view, Lake view, Ocean view, Golf course view, or other, how many bedrooms, what kind of kitchen, how many bathrooms, how many closets, whether it is carpeted or wooden-floored, how it is furnished and decorated, what color of wall-painting, what type of landscape, what type of garden with trees and flowers, etcetera), and if you dream about it as if you were already living in that particular house in your creative visualization exercises in alpha state of mind, your circumstances will change quickly and you will have your dream house in real life. Your subconscious mind will do everything for you if you are persistent in your meditative state. The same principle applies in accomplishing any kind of goal or wish that you might have in life. The power of your subconscious mind is incredible! Like a magnet, the subconscious mind has the power to attract things that resonate with its beliefs. Latin Proverb: Believe you have it and you have it.

The subconscious mind, like a computer’s hard drive, stores permanently all information of all your day-to-day activities and experiences of this life, including past lives, future lives and lives between lives. When you are in the alpha state of mind, you absolutely have the power and ability to access your subconscious mind, and recall as many memories as you wish.

t sends and receives information to and from the superconscious mind which is explained below.

Superconscious Mind
The superconscious mind, also called the universal mind or the God's mind, is the source of infinite intelligence, unlimited creativity, and pure and perfect divine energy of supreme nature. By tapping into the superconscious mind level, you can resolve complex issues and remove insurmountable obstacles. You can manifest an abundant financial situation, loving relationships, an ideal career, optimum health, soul healing, spiritual awakening, and anything else you wish!

The superconscious mind absolutely one hundred percent positively has the ability to predict and reveal even the next day  lottery's winning numbers (whether or not it is delivered to you is a divine secret).

Your Higher Self
At the superconscious mind level, you can meet with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your extended and the most perfect non-physical God-like form of you, and it essentially is your total soul consciousness that dwells within you. All souls come from God and all souls are part of God. God lives within all souls while all souls live within God. At the same time, you can contact a spirit guide, spiritual masters and highly evolved loving entities who offer guidance for your spiritual growth. You can also see and greet your deceased relatives and departed loved ones at the superconscious mind level.

As shown in the picture in the middle, your conscious mind is connected to your own subconscious mind, which in turn is linked to the superconscious mind, which is the universal mind of infinite intelligence. If there are 7 billion people in this world, all their 7 billion subconscious minds are all linked to the superconscious mind of infinite intelligence. However there is no direct link between the conscious mind and superconscious mind. The conscious mind makes suggestions or affirmations to the subconscious mind, which in turn communicates with the superconscious mind and generates successful results, which is a slow process if you seek help when you are in beta state of mind (normal state). In order to speed up the process, either you switch to alpha state of mind where the subconscious mind readily and quickly implements your affirmations and brings back positive results you suggested, or you directly switch to theta frequency. The borderline between alpha and theta states of mind is a doorway to your superconscious mind, where you begin to gain access to your super natural abilities. You will be flourished and astonished by its many blessings!


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Look at These Amazing Experiences!

1: The power of imagination is the ultimate creative power. One dramatic example of the power of vivid imagination is that of Air Force Colonel, George Hall. He was a POW locked in the dark box of a North Vietnamese prison for seven grueling years. Every day Hall played a full game of golf in his imagination. One week after he was released from his POW camp, he entered the "Greater New Orleans Open" and shot a breathtaking 76. WOW!

2: Another incredible case is that of Vera Fryling, M.D. A Jewish teenager, who was on the run from the Gestapo, lived undercover in Berlin during the Holocaust. During this time, she imagined that she was a doctor, a psychiatrist in a free land. Overcoming the Nazis, Soviet army and a bout with cancer, Fryling ended up on the faculty of the San Francisco Medical School and earned her medical degree MD. Imagination can help transform life's insults into happiness.

3: Arnold Schwarzenegger bio (5-time Mr. Universe and 4-time Mr. Olympia) reveals the following quote: “As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, yes you can." He visualized himself being there, already having achieved the goal of being Mr. Universe, even before he had ever started. His goal materialized exactly as he had visualized. "It is mind over matter," says Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


4: In the 1980 Olympics Moscow, the Russians used this technique “the power of imagination.” They split their athletes into four groups: Groups A through D. Group A used 100% traditional physical practice; Group B: 75% physical 25% mental; Group C: 50% physical 50% mental and Group D: 25% physical 75% mental practice. After the Moscow Olympics and the Lake Placid Olympics, the scores of these world-class athletes were tallied and those in Group D had won the most medals.



We Are What We Think.
All That We Are Arises With Our Thoughts.
With Our Thoughts We Make Our World.

The Original Saying of the Siddhartha Gautama Buddha (560 B.C. - 480 B.C.)



Albert Einstein invented the theory of relativity: 
E = mc² where
E = Energy, m = Mass, c = Speed of Light (186,000 miles per second)

It states that a small amount of mass can be converted into a phenomenal amount of energy because the speed of light squared (C2) is a huge number. Conversely, if there is a lot of energy available, some of that energy can be converted into a tiny mass, from which a new particle can be created.


Albert Einstein Quotation
"Imagination is more important than knowledge.
     Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.
The power of imagination is the ultimate creative power, no doubt about that.
    While knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points
    to all we might yet discover and create.


Einstein Experiment

Albert Einstein once said in his autobiography that he came up with the theory of relativity, one of the albert einstein's inventions, by imagining what would happen if he could travel through space on the tip of a light beam.


Nicola Tesla Biography (1856–1943) 
Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia and later moved to America in 1884.

Nikola Tesla Bio: Nikola Tesla is the man who invented the modern world. He was a physicist first, and an electrical and mechanical engineer later. Nikola Tesla invented AC electricity, the electric car, radio, the bladeless turbine, wireless communication, fluorescent lighting, the induction motor, a telephone repeater, the rotating magnetic field principle, the poly-phase alternating current system, alternating current power transmission, Tesla Coil transformer, and more than 700 other patents.

Life magazine, in a special double issue, listed Tesla as one of the "100 Most Important People in the Last 1000 Years”, Tesla occupied the 57th position.

Nikola Tesla possessed extraordinary power of visualization
(also thinking powers). When he attained an idea for a new machine, he mounted the machine in his mind and left it running in order to perform the test. His mental capacity was so high that he calculated the results in his mind, which were later, found to be incredibly accurate. For many of his discoveries, he used to conduct Mind-lab experiments. He was capable to judge the dimension of an object to a hundredth of an inch and perform very difficult computations in his head without using any logarithmic tables or slide rule.

How did he achieve such a master mind? The successful inventions of Nikola Tesla were the results of his extraordinary power of visualization. At an early age Tesla trained his visualization process. In his autobiography titled “My Inventions”, Tesla described: Every night and sometimes during the day, when alone, I would start out on my journeys through mind visualization, see new places, cities and countries, live there, meet with people, make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievably it is a fact that they were just as dear to me as those in actual life and not a bit less intense in their manifestations. He used to practice this kind of mental visualization constantly until he was about seventeen, at which age he began creating inventions for the modern world. He described that he needed no models, drawings or experiments in a physical place. He could picture them all as if they were real in his imaginary mind, conduct experiments and collect data.

Nikola Tesla wrote: My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get a new idea, I start at once building it up in my imagination, and make improvements and operate and test the device in my mind. When I have gone so far as to embody everything in my invention, every possible improvement I can think of, and when I see no fault anywhere, then and only then I put the final product of my brain into this physical world.

Tesla was greatly influenced by the Vedic philosophy teachings of Swami Vivekananda books. Tesla used Sanskrit words such as "Akasa, Prana and others" to describe the universe. As early as 1891 (when he was 35), Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system filled with energy, which could be harnessed at any location.

Tesla possessed photographic memory. He was fluent in many languages. Along with Serbo-Croatian, he spoke fluently, and was able to read and write seven foreign languages: Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Latin.

Creative visualization, quantum law of attraction and the law of abundance techniques made wonders for the genius and brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla, who lit the world with his power of imagination and power of visualization.

Napoleon Hill (1883-1970)
Napoleon Hill was an American author who wrote the book Think and Grow Rich.


Napoleon Hill Quotes
First comes thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans;
   then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe,
   is in your imagination.
Action is the real measure of intelligence. All achievements, all earned riches,
   have their beginning in an idea.
Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul,
   the blue prints of your ultimate achievements.
Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality;
   Man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.
Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds
   and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances
   of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.


Peter Nivio Zarlenga (born in 1941)
Peter Nivio Zarlenga is an American author and a businessman, still alive.

Peter Nivio Zarlenga Quotes
I am imagination. I can see what the eyes cannot see.
   I can hear what the ears cannot hear.
   I can feel what my body and heart cannot feel.
   It means imagination occurs beyond senses!

First have being in your mind. Make real in your mind then bring that being into reality.
   The genius is he who sees what is not yet and causes it to come to be.
To come to be you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, and a Principle.  
You will become what your vision is

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