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    1. Developing Psychic Powers
Author: Adrian Cooper

       Learn How To Develop Your Own Powerful Psychic, Clairvoyant And Telekinetic Powers To Use Whenever, Wherever And However You Wish, Using Proven Methods

  Everyone has the potential to develop shaman type powers; and greater. Your natural psychic potential still exists as strongly as ever, simply lying dormant waiting to be awakened, developed and exercised. Every human being, without exception, as well as many animals have been endowed with "God-given" psychic, clairvoyant, telepathic and other profound abilities to use at will; they simply need unlocking with the right key.

"Developing Psychic Powers Course" is prepared to help you attain psychic powers at the convenience of your home.

           If Purchased Today, You Will Receive 3 Books:
             Book 1: Psychic Power Secrets, 273 Pages, 41 Chapters
             Book 2: Clairvoyance Power Secrets, 211 Pages, 20 Chapters
             Book 3: Psychomancy Power Secrets, 46 Pages, 11 Chapters



I began the "Developing Psychic Powers" program around four weeks ago. Doing the exercises as they are taught in the course, I am beginning to notice an awareness, a "knowingness" at times during my daily life. I "know" when the telephone will ring, and who it will be. I "know" where to go for a parking place. I just "know" that store will have what I am looking for.
I could not find my car keys one morning, so I just stopped, and I "knew" right where they were. Trusting this new ability is what I have to work on right now. My keys "could not" have been where they were. I did not remember going into that room after I came home. Yet I just trusted, went to the room, and there they were, just as I had "felt" them.
I truly feel that this course, as it is presented, is what has made such a major change in my perceptive abilities. Thank You! 
Patricia, Penn Valley, CA


Developing Psychic Abilities 
How to Develop Psychic 
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   2. Ancient Secrets Revealed!
        Psychic Training Course
        Author: PsyCourse.Com

Become Clairvoyant! Experience Full Psychic Awareness! Multiply Your Psychic Powers!

   Psychic And Esp Training Course with Ancient Methods And Techniques To Skyrocket Your Psychic Abilities, Today! Just Try This Course,
You Will Be Amazed!

Ancient Psychic 
Psychic Training Course
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    3. Develop Psychic Power In 7 Days
   With Jose Silva Ultramind Esp System
     Author: Jose Silva

Download Jose Silva's Original Unaltered Ultramind Esp System Complete Home Seminar For $99. Silva's Work Has Been Praised By Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Carl Simonton, Others.

Silva Ultramind Esp System
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    4. The 7-Day Psychic Development Course
          Author: Natasha


     Discover How To Increase Your Intuition Within 7 Days, It's Safe, Simple And Fun Plus Designed To Dramatically Increase Your Intuitive Psychic Abilites In Just A Few Short Days. Written By A Real Psychic With A Lifetime Of Experience In The Industry.

Psychic Course
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    5. Miracle Mastery
    Author: Dave DeBold

This Course Teaches Everything You Need To Know To Experience Amazing *physical* Psychic Abilities Like:
Telekinesis Powers,
Teleportation Power,
Extreme Healing (Super Natural Abilities).
             Learn From An Experienced Psychic!

     a. I'm talking about powers and abilities that other people can witness, and that will make them stare with their mouths open in disbelief.

     b. Abilities like telekinesis: the ability to move objects with a thought.

     c. Abilities like radical healing so fast, complete and profound that you can actually watch bones move or wounds close.

Telekinesis Powers, Teleportation Power
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         6. Psychic Desire
              Author: Steve G. Jones

     Created By World Renowned Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, Psychic Desire Is Designed To Help You Expand Your Psychic Abilities: Mind Reading, Predicting Future Events, Esp, Clairvoyance, And Much More. The Eight-Module Learning System will unlock the sixth sense within you by revealing:

    The History Of Psychic Power – Here you’ll learn exactly how people began to unlock this phenomenon within themselves.

    Enhancing Your Psychic Ability Phase One – Using the power of meditation, you will heighten your sense of intuition so your journey can begin.

    Enhancing Your Physic Ability Phase Two – Using the power of hypnosis, you will now include visualization into the process of your psychic journey.

    The Art Of Clairvoyance – Discover the five types of clairvoyance and how to experience all of them to the highest degree.

    Mediumship Mastery - Here you’ll learn the truth about communication with spirits.

    Essentials Of Psychic Reading – Here I’ll cover everything from tarot cards to numerology to ensure you are covered in every capacity.
    And Much More
Psychic Desire, Steve G Jones
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  7. Meditation Power
Author: Norton Barn, Ditcheat Hill Farm, Somerset, UK


No Meditational Experience Required. Acoustic Brainwave Activation will change your brainwave activity, mood or state safely, consistently and effectively. You will achieve peace, relaxation, personal enhancement, even the enlightenment,
and much much more.

Absolutely 100% Safe to Use. You Can Play the Acoustics on Your PC, HiFi or MP3 Player; You Do Not Need Special Equipment, and remember, YOU DO NOT NEED HEADPHONES.

Are you tired of meditation tapes and downloads that promise the earth and deliver very little? Have you tried binaurals, monaurals, hypnosis, subliminals and still find that you don't achieve the consistency or depth of meditation that you really need or desire?

We Developed
   Over 40 Different Activation Acoustics:

Acoustics Astral Projection, Chakra Stimulation, OOBE, Lucid Dreaming, Become Psychic, Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, Improve Memory, Cosmic Ordering, Telepathy, Control Stress, Speed Learning, Cure Insomnia, Deep Meditation, Chi Generator, Precognition, Increase Energy, OM Meditation , Epsilon Meditation, Alpha Meditation, Increase IQ, Past Life Regression , Power Nap, Endorphin Release, Theta Meditation, HGH Stimulation, Delta Meditation, Melatonin , Serotonin, Chronic Fatigue, Shaman, DNA, Hypnosis, DHEA, Legal High, Attention Deficit, Aura Tuning, Dowsing, Enhancement, Angel Guide, Prosperity Mindset, Spirit Guide, Pyramid Power, Christ Consciousness.


                 Meditation Powers 
 Altered States of Consciousness 
Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Develop Psychic Power In 7 Days With
              Jose Silva Ultramind E S P System (Psychic eCourse)

Download Jose Silva's Original Unaltered Ultramind Esp System, the Complete Home Seminar. Jose Silva's Work Has Been Praised By Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra, Richard Bach, Neal Boortz, Dr. Carl Simonton, and Others.
Develop Your God-Given Senses to Improve Conditions
Remove Impediment to Your Success
Feel Better than Ever and Be Guided All the Time
Gain a Better Control Over Your Life
Experience Abundance in Every Area of Your Life

Jose Silva's Biography
Jose Silva
was born on August 11, 1914 in Laredo, Texas, USA. He and his older sister and younger brother were raised by their grandmother. Silva supported the family from a very young age by selling newspapers, shining shoes, and doing odd jobs. He never attended school, but learned to read and write by watching his sister and brother do their homework. Jose Silva first learned hypnosis and later abandoned.

At the age of fifteen, Silva began to repair radios and built a successful business. This experience helped him recognize different brain wave frequencies. As a teenager, one day he accidentally reached the alpha-state of mind. Silva’s first reported experience with ESP (Extrasensory Perception) occurred one evening in 1953 while his daughter was in her “alpha level.” Silva was questioning his daughter about her school work, and as she answered each question, he framed the next in his mind, before verbally asking the question. Silva reported that his daughter began to give the answers to the questions he was forming in his mind before he verbalized them.

Since then, Jose Silva began experimenting with mental training exercises to quiet the brain yet keep it more independently alert than in hypnosis. This, he reasoned, would lead to improved memory combined with understanding and hence to higher I.Q. scores. The exercises from which Mind Control evolved called for relaxed concentration and vivid mental visualization and ways of reaching lower levels. Once reached, these levels proved more effective than in Beta level in learning. The proof was in his children's sharply improved grades over a three-year period while he continued to improve his techniques. Jose Silva was known to be the first person to prove that we can learn to function with awareness at the Alpha and Theta frequencies of the brain.

Jose Silva died peacefully due to natural causes on February 7, 1999 at the age of 84. The Silva UltraMind ESP System was his final creation, completed shortly before he died, intended to help people increase their I.Q. and develop psychic abilities.

Jose Silva’s Discovery: The life on higher or spiritual dimension where we came from, and where we go after we die, can be understood. When we communicate with the higher intelligence in the spiritual dimension, we can obtain all the guidance and help that we need to carry out our mission in life here on earth, and can be healed and heal others. According to Jose Silva, it is possible to communicate with the Higher Intelligence on the Other Side if we are capable to use delta brain wave frequencies associated with deep sleep.

By Using the Silva UltraMind System, You Can:
Enhance your thinking, memory, creativity, and foresee the future.
Find and fulfill your purpose in life.
Strengthen your connection with your source (higher intelligence).
Pray more effectively and
Obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence.
Project your mind to any place in the world to detect information. 

Read the people like a book.
Know if someone is telling you the truth.
Gain knowledge about others intentions just by looking at them.
Know anyone's real motives by simply being in the same vicinity
Even see through walls.

Jose Silva's Psychic eCourse

       Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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